Study Suggests CDHP Participants Spend Less on Overall Medical Services

October 20, 2010 ( – CIGNA’s most recent multi-year study to track the experience of customers in its Choice Fund consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) demonstrates that, when compared to customers in traditional plans, customers in CDHPs spend less on overall medical services.

CIGNA said its Choice Fund Experience Study also found CDHP participants receive equal or better quality care, take a more active role to improve their health, and are more satisfied with their health care service experience.  

According to a summary of the report, when compared to customers in traditional plans, overall medical cost trend for customers in CIGNA Choice Fund plans was significantly lower in the first year – and can be sustained over time. There were significant cost savings in all health status categories, across all categories of service, and for both Health Reimbursement Account and Health Savings Account plans. The results are consistent with previous studies at -14% in the first year, -13% in the second year, -12% and -16%.  

CIGNA said this reduction in medical cost trend was delivered without shifting cost to customers.  

In addition, analysis of customers’ out-of-pocket health expenses showed those in CIGNA Choice Fund paid nearly the same percentage as customers in traditional plans – regardless of their health status.  

A summary of the CIGNA Choice Fund Experience Study is here.