Summer: A Time for Office Perks and More Vacations

Fifty-two percent of employees polled said the best summer perk and employer can offer is flexible schedules, and 58% reported they save their vacation time for June, July and August.

Two recent surveys from Accountemps reveals what perks employees would like employers to offer during the summer and that the majority of employees take their vacation time during summer months.


Employees said the best summer perks their companies could provide to them are flexible schedules (52%) and early departure on Fridays (27%). Fifty-four percent of senior managers surveyed offer flexible schedules, and about one in three (32%) reported allowing staff to leave early on Fridays.


Other common warm-weather benefits cited by companies were relaxed dress codes (53%) and activities such as picnics or potlucks (48%). But, these were the least desired by employees.


“Offering workers increased flexibility in the summer can improve employee morale and make your company an attractive place to work. These perks come at little cost to companies but often go a long way in keeping staff happy and engaged,” says Michael Steinitz, senior executive director of Accountemps.


Another Accountemps survey found nearly six in 10 workers (58%) save their vacation time for June, July and August. Thirty-one percent of employees plan to take one to five vacation days this summer, while 29% plan to take six to 10 days.


“Summer vacations can impact a company’s operations and productivity, but anticipating and planning for staff absences—including bringing in temporary support—can help minimize disruptions,” says Steinitz. “Employees can help by communicating priorities to their boss and colleagues and by scheduling an update meeting for when they return. A little preparation allows workers to fully disconnect and return to the office re-energized.”