SunGard Announces Stock Buy-Back Solution

October 6, 2009 ( - SunGard has launched a stock buy-back solution to help corporate treasurers automate and centralize the process of repurchasing equity shares on the open market and gain access to consolidated, Web-based transaction reporting.

A SunGard announcement said the SunGard Transaction Network (STN) provides the corporate stock buy-back solution through a Web-based portal for managing all stock repurchase transactions and reporting. The solution helps treasurers work with any number of investment banks or brokers for stock repurchases, including SunGard’s agency broker, STN Execution Services.

SunGard explained that stock repurchase transactions are traditionally disjointed, manual processes where treasurers rely heavily on spreadsheets and e-mail. The process can create a bottleneck for monitoring compliance with SEC Rule 10b-18, as well as for evaluating transaction cost benchmarks including Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP). The announcement said STN’s corporate stock buy-back solution provides Rule 10b-18 VWAP reports complete with time-stamped executions.

STN users can also view executions throughout the day and work with their brokers to adjust their trading strategy as needed. STN provides consolidated reporting, including an end-of-day summary and a complete recap and summary at the end of purchase periods, for transactions that are executed through STN Execution Services, as well as for plans that use multiple brokers or banks. In addition, the STN solution provides automated notification of transactions to the corporations’ custodians, facilitating straight-through processing. 

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