SunGard Corbel Expands On-Demand Document Service

September 23, 2002 ( - A new SunGard Corbel product should help cut costs for benefits professionals developing their official IRS benefit-plan document.

According to a company announcement, the new per-document service for the Relius Documents Internet system and an On-Demand service for the Relius Documents Service Bureau should help company benefits staff develop the plan documents with or without a SunGard Corbel consultant.

SunGard Corbel said customers could use the new services instead of the Relius Documents Service Bureau, which the company said should cut customer costs.

The On-Demand service allows clients, who do not subscribe to the Relius Documents PC or Internet system, to log in through the Web site and receive a plan document package.

Once a Service Bureau client completes and submits a plan checklist, the plan document package is created and returned within minutes via e-mail as a Microsoft Word document, the company said.