SunGard Corbel Releases 2003 Pension Education Suite

May 13, 2003 ( - SunGard Corbel has released the 2003 version of its Pension Education Suite.

For the 2003 version, the SunGard Corbel legal technical team hasedited each of the 21 modules to incorporate changes inlegislation and annual limits and has rewritten various topics forpresentation clarity.  Among those changes is the addition of interim questions and learning objectives for each movement, according to a news release.

The Pension Education Suite is designed to meet the American Society of Pension Actuaries requirement for Continuing Education purposes and consists oftwo multimedia-based training   Pension Elements (which qualifies for 7 credits) and Pension Educator (which qualifies for 14 credits).   Available on either CD ROM or via the Internet, the Suite is designed to help customer service representatives, plan administrators, and account managers master qualified plans.