SurePayroll Offers Health Programs to Small Employers

May 12, 2010 ( - SurePayroll has partnered with ZANE Benefits to offer small business employers affordable health savings programs.

SurePayroll offers zero-contribution options where employees pay for health care costs on a pre-tax basis, as well as health care assistance options where employers contribute to each employee’s health savings plan on a monthly basis, according to a press release. Additionally, SurePayroll offers group and individual health insurance plans through a variety of carriers.  

By now allowing employees with individual plans to pay for health costs on a pre-tax basis through premium only plans (POPs) and to cover other medical expenses through health reimbursement accounts (HRAs), the programs provide employers a way to offer health savings without offering group-sponsored health insurance. The announcement said employees save roughly 20% to 50%, and employers can expect the program to pay for itself within one year by reducing FICA matching taxes by 7.5% on average.  

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