Survey Finds Large Gap Between Female and Male CPA Salaries

December 22, 2006 ( - Preliminary findings of the SmartPros Salary Survey show women who are certified public accountants (CPAs) have an average 2006 salary of $77,863, while male CPAs have an average 2006 salary of $102,787.

According to a SmartPros press release, accounting firms surveyed that are concerned about retaining key female employees said they are aggressively marketing a work/life balance within their firms to both men and women. SmartPros said the average salary figures in the preliminary findings do not account for factors such as years of experience or level of responsibility, but final survey findings will.

Other preliminary results from the survey include:

  • 39% of respondents received a bonus up to 5% and 41% received a bonus between 5% and 10%. However, 20% of accounting and finance professionals reported no bonus this year.
  • When asked what they like most about their current job, the two most popular responses were “job responsibilities” (22%) and “employer/company” (20%).
  • When asked what they like least about their current job, 33% of respondents said “work schedule (time commitment)” and 30% said “salary and benefits.”

SmartPros can be found on the Web at .