Survey Finds Start of IT Comp, Hiring Turnaround

January 13, 2004 ( - Things are finally looking up when it comes to compensation for chief information officers for the first time in three years, according to a new poll.

The survey, by Janco Associates, a Park City, Utah-based IT consultant, found that mean CIO compensation is up for the first time since 2001 and that salaries for other top tech positions have also stopped falling.

Victor Janulatis, Janco CEO, said companies are increasingly turning to IT professionals with more than five years of experience. The IT recovery is particularly apparent in companies with annual revenue of $500 million or less, he said. Some organizations that had eliminated training, planning and infrastructure positions, such as change control, are beginning the process of limited re-staffing in those areas.

The survey found that staffing demand is high in the Internet and network areas of e-commerce, voice/wireless communication, object programming, data security and data warehousing as companies try to prepare for the next wave of the new wireless technology.

Study findings include:

  • Mean total compensation for chief information officers (CIOs) in large companies increased by 1.32% from $165,329 to $167,508 and in mid-sized enterprises by 2.66% from $171,795 to $176,357.
  • Mean total compensation for all positions surveyed in mid-sized firms has moved up to $76,003 in start of 2004 from $75,759 in the last quarter of 2002. At the same time, in large enterprises the median compensation is at $79,338.
  • Voice/wireless communication and security positions have been upgraded within many employers. Where these positions were lower to mid-level positions before 2000, in 2003 and beyond these positions are now mid-level to senior level positions.

Finally, Janco found a significant number of IT individuals who have focused on staying employed versus looking for pay hikes.

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