Survey: IT Tipsiest on St. Patty's Day

March 15, 2006 ( - The network administrator at your office may be especially jolly on Friday as will your post office delivery person.

That is because a new survey found that IT (15%) and government workers (10%) are the most likely to toss back a few at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations held during the work day.

Drinking while on the job extends beyond holidays. One-in-five workers (22%) say they have gone out for an alcoholic beverage during a regular work day. Ten percent of workers report a more habitual pattern, stating they consume an alcoholic beverage with lunch during the work day at least once a week.

Some 24% of manufacturing workers, sales and hospitality tied for having the highest number of workers who admit to drinking during lunch at least once a week at 14%. Health care and retail workers ranked lowest in all measurements.

Men reported a higher tendency toward drinking during the work day. Eleven percent of men say they have had an alcoholic beverage on company time on St. Patrick’s Day, compared to 8% of women. Thirty percent of men admit to going out for a drink during a regular work day, compared to 19% of women. Fourteen percent of men say they have an alcoholic drink with lunch at least once a week, compared to 8% of women.

The suvey was conducted from November 15 to December 6, 2005 and covered more than 2,050 workers.

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