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April 8, 2013 - We recently covered a survey in which the U.S. was ranked 25 out of 30 countries for number of vacation and holiday days off offered to employees.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, what special day would you like to have off that your employer doesn’t offer? The largest percentage of responding readers (20.8%) selected the day after Thanksgiving, followed by their birthdays and “other” (18.8% each). “Other” responses included Saint Patrick’s Day, September 11 and Veteran’s Day, April Fools’ Day, Guy Fawkes Day, the day after Christmas, the day after 4th of July, the first Monday in August, SuperBowl Monday and Jewish holidays, especially Yom Kippur.  

Nearly 15% of respondents indicated they would like Good Friday off; 12.9% selected Christmas Eve; 6.9% picked Presidents’ Day, 3% chose Election Day and 2% each said Easter Monday and Columbus Day.  

Many readers used their verbatim comments to offer a second, third, etc. choice. A number commented about why days off are important for workers, while one commented that more time off would be a bad idea. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “There should be a special holiday the day after the extended 5500 due date for plan years ended 12/31.”


I don't understand why American Companies seem to have such fear about the number of days off to extend to employees! It is almost like they are afraid they will miss a dollar if someone isn't at their beck and call for a full 40 hours, 50 or 51 weeks every year. Rest and clearing the mind are completely necessary in order to provide competent work! 


Every day I wake up alive and kicking is a SPECIAL day, but they won't give me every weekday off. 


I noted that you failed to include Veterans day on your list. Would feel it appropriate to add on a day of recognition for September 11th in addition to Veteran's Day. 


We have 12 holidays, which is very generous, however most of them are from Thanksgiving to New Years. Would love to have 1 day off between New Years and Memorial Day. 


And the day after Thanksgiving would be great, too. But, I'd take Christmas Eve over that one--I'm more elf than turkey! 


Besides Veteran's Day, it would be nice to get Columbus Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and my birthday! 


Holidays aren't a problem in this country, it's vacation time, paid time off, however you want to put it that is a problem. 


After New Year's we don't get a paid holiday until Memorial Day, that's too long! It would be nice to have President's Day as a holiday. 


We're open when the stock market is open, closed when the stock market is closed. The day after Thanksgiving is just another work day... 


As an employee with the Government, it does not make sense to shut down for one day, to be back up for one day. I would give up MKL day to have the day after Thanksgiving off. Presidents Day is officially known as Washington's Birthday. See the OPM website for more information. This holiday is designated as "Washington’s Birthday" in section 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code, which is the law that specifies holidays for Federal employees. Though other institutions such as state and local governments and private businesses may use other names, it is our policy to always refer to holidays by the names designated in the law. 


I am a combat Veteran so I get and respect Veterans and Memorial Day holidays - but the freedom to vote is a large part of what those we honor on those days sacrificed for. Every election day I see people scrambling to try and make time to vote. I say as a nation we shut down the market, etc and take the day off so people can "celebrate" this privilege that we just take for granted. 


There is too long of a gap between President's Day and Memorial Day - so I would like to have off April Fool's Day. No joke!

Verbatim (cont.)  

There should be a special holiday the day after the extended 5500 due date for plan years ended 12/31 


I believe that time away from work is extremely important to preserve an individual’s sanity. My concern is that even if these days are available with iPhones and laptops people never really get away from work. This is something that has to be solved as we get deeper into the connected society. 


As a state employee I have just about two holidays per month, with March and April being the "dry spell." So really...I can live without Good Friday considering I get the odd holidays like Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Columbus Day always feels awkward, though, because my oldest son is half native-American :o). 


I'd like to know which companies in the US give employees 10 paid holidays! Most companies that I have worked for have 6 to 8 holidays, but none have ever had 10! 


The FLSA should include mandatory vacation, sick and holiday time. The US is a third world country when it comes to how companies treat their employees. 


I also think we should get our birthday off every year! 


This is a given because life is all about me, right? 


anyone that ends in 'day' 


My company does a great job of having about 1 company holiday each month, which is nice. 


Having Good Friday off would limit my need to call in well because of Spring fever:) 


I think that everyone needs one 3-day weekend every month. My employer is actually generous with vacation time by giving 4 weeks to new employees. 


Most companies give 10% or more of the year as vacation or holiday. We have trouble competing now because of high wages. More time off will only make it more costly to run a company.

Verbatim (cont.)  

I have to go with Christmas Eve, since I always use a vacation day to take it off so I can celebrate with family. A close second has to be Easter Monday, possibly because it is the most recent holiday. We are always exhausted hosting Easter dinner and having a lot of responsibilities at church. We used to have the day after Thanksgiving off and that has been eliminated. The first year I was disappointed. However, it's a good excuse for me not to be involved in any of the black Friday shopping nightmare. 


I really dislike PTO banks where your holiday's are counted as part of the total. The number of days off seem like such a big number until you realize that Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc are all considered "Vacation Days." 


I am surprised the U.S. was ranked so low - most of my colleagues make vacation a priority, and often conferences or events that go to beautiful places can be seen as a mini-vacation, even if you are technically there on business. 


The Canadians have it right: a national holiday just cuz it's a summer day! 


When I was young and impressionable (i.e.stupid) I use to think that working all the time and not taking time off was what you needed to do. As I've gotten older, I understand the need to and wisdom of taking time to recharge and refresh. I take all my time (5weeks) every year and never give hours back. Vacation is a benefit - use it! 


I'm getting too old for the whining. So, w/o being overly facetious, how 'bout "it's my right" day, "hypenated" day, "me first" day, or "gimme mine" day and we can do away with the nature of social/sharing/unselfish/self-sacrificing holidays. Ooops, now I need a "mybad" day. 


We currently work 1/2 day Christmas Eve, it's tough. We do have generous PTO so I end up taking the day anyway... 


President's Day and Good Friday are mandatory PTO days at my company, if you are going to close the office for a holiday it should be a holiday not a mandatory PTO. 


and weekends (at least in the first quarter) 


We all need more time off. 


I have found that it is near-impossible to have a day "off" if the company isn't completely closed. Otherwise, the emails and voice mails just pile up and put you further behind. 



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