SURVEY SAYS: Are You Open Christmas Eve?

December 23, 2010 ( – Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. 


For this week’s bonus question, I asked readers if your workplace would be open – if you would be there – and if so, if you’d be leaving early.  

I also asked readers what they would like “Santa” to put under their tree.   

First off, if you’re working Christmas Eve – well, let’s just say you won’t have a lot of company.  More than eight-in-ten of this week’s respondents said they would not be working that day.  The rest will be, of course, with about half of those also indicating that they worked for a financial institution.  

Not too surprisingly, half of those who would be working on Christmas Eve said they would be leaving early, while another 21.9% said they would be closing early “but not officially.”  About 3% said they would “probably” be leaving early, while a full 25% said they wouldn’t be closing early.  

Now, as for that Santa wish – well, you can enjoy those on the pages that follow (my favorite:  “a positive pregnancy test”, though “fiduciary armor”, and “a voodoo doll of my manager” drew a chuckle).  Here’s hoping everyone gets what they deserve, if not what they want – and thanks to everyone for participating in our bonus survey! 

An equally divided Federal government so that there will be no additional tax law changes affecting retirement plans in 2011!! (With my luck, even then they'd probabably agree to make thing worse.) 

A cure to my wife's health 

I would like a Kindle or chocolate 

Got every thing I think I want. Got no thing I think I don't. Would like to have/get/learn/give the non-thing I want the least but need the most. 

A new federal government where the elected officials understand that they "represent" and work for the people and not vice versa, and that includes activist judges who try to legislate from the bench., 

My husband and I generally don't exchange gifts, but my 50th birthday is in January, and I've been talking about it for 18 months. So if he's smart, he'll forgo  the Xmas gift and put extra effort into the birthday!  I'm hoping for a tiny box holding car keys and looking out the window at a new yellow Corvette with a big bow on top!  (No, seriously, I won't get that, unfortunately!) 

A quiet safe and happy new year.   This one has been awful, can't wait to be rid of it. 

I am very blessed with what I have.  I'd prefer Santa help others in need. 

A positive pregnancy test. 

A vacation to a beautiful, warm island with no phones and no kids. 

Another happy and healthy year for my family, my friends and me. 

Health, Happiness, Safety and Prosperity for everyone I love. 

A raise!! 

I would like to see people be more courteous to others in their everyday life.  There is such an attitude of ME, ME, ME in this world.  And that goes for adults as well as children. 

I want my Mom, Dad and Grandparents back.  Since that won't happen, I'd like true love. 

How about a clean house around the tree. 

I would really appreciate a GPS system for my car.  I get lost really easily! 

Already got it, the entire family will be here Christmas.  With some in the military, this probably won't happen again for a long time. 

A note that says next year we'll begin to be better off financially and come back from the effects of previous layoffs. 

whirled peas 🙂 

Just my family and a little relaxation! By the way, When did Christmas become a four letter word?  I do not begrudge anyone thier holidays.  I think it is great that we celebrate them all.  That is what makes this a great country!  I do not see how anyone can be offended by the celebration, even if I do not believe as those participating in the celebration, generally it makes a positive contribution to the community, ( no one is being robbed, murdered, ect).  How did the majority get left behind and only the minority is allowed to have a voice? And finally, you have a choice as to weather or not to be offended - you can only be offended if you allow yourself to be. 

Slightly higher interest rates coupled with super good investment returns for 2011 so that the funded status of pension plans gets much better. 

new laptop, but I will "settle" with peace in the world, our nation returning to the values on which it was founded and the elimination of hunger - not too much to ask, right?  Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and joyful 2011! 

a voodoo doll of my manager 

Hmmm...I always love a good power tool from Craftsman.  I could use a nice Lithium Ion powered drill.  Actually, a shower faucet/body spray kit for a new shower we're installing would be nice.  Those things are EXPENSIVE! 

It should say world peace, but I'll just settle for the return of my employer's matching contribution. 

Hoping that I have been "naughty" only when called for, I hope Santa will put a healthier, wealthier, happier New Year under my tree ... and yours too! Merry Christmas! 

A job for my spouse since the Grinch stole his this year. 

A puppy 

Happiness, world peace, and a 2011 Chevy Corvette!! 

"In 2010, Santa brought all of the good little Benefits Professionals (girls and boys) the gift of job security.  Unfortunately, this gift came in the form of massive federal legislation and many new mandates and compliance requirements,  Ho, Ho, Ho, boys and girls!  This is what job security looks like in the new millenium!  You're now more valuable to your organization than you were a couple of years ago." 

Health and happiness for my extended family, friends and collegues at work. 

My family to be safe and warm. 

A fiduciary armor suit 

A retirement program. 

A certificate saying I am promised a drama-free 2011.  I know highly unrealistic but no harm in asking.  🙂 

A great vacation trip 

The C.S. Lewis Bible 

I would like Santa to pay the outrageous cost of the physical fitness trainer so that my New Year's resolution will be in full achievement mode come January 1. 

My husband.  He's having surgery tomorrow and I hope I can bring him home for the holiday. 

Good health 

nothing material.  peace on earth and goodwill towards all. 

winning Lottery ticket! 

365 days until this happens again.  Getting ready for Christmas is exhausting! 

A winning lottery ticket! 


family, and good health 

A balanced federal budget. 

Diamond earrings 

The Winning Lottery Ticket ..... something tells me I haven't been good enough to get it ...  Seriously just my family together  - Happy & Healthy 🙂 


Not much, since I recently purchased a new car (due to totaling my previous vehicle; nothing to do with being naughty or nice)... 

Good health and a fully funded retirement coffer - but not only for me.  I'd like that for everyone. 

A healthy economy. 

a 1967 GTO convertible (won't happen-my wife is a Jehovah's Witness) 

a bath towel warmer - NC has been amazingly [record breaking] cold this year! 

A pay raise would be nice, but I would settle for an iPad or a 2% reduction in my FICA taxes next year.  I'll worry about Social Security when I'm 65.  What's that you said? Age 67?!  Well, why don't you just make me wait till I'm 70!!! 

A 32" LCD TV for my bedroom.  Got to be 1080p - can be 60 hz (since I'm not a gamer) or 120 hz.  Either that or a maid to come in twice a month to clean my house.  I'm dreamin'.   My kids will probably get me a can opener and I'll have to like it.  ;^P 

There actually isn't anything material that comes to mind.  If Santa could give me the ability to always appreciate everything and everyone I already am blessed with in my life, and free me from worries or anxiety, that is actually the best gift I could imagine. 

More vacation time. 

A zero balance credit card statement! 

New clients 

The Obama health care law with the words "Just Kidding" written on it. 

Homes for the homeless - it's cold out there. 

Noise-cancelling headphones