Survey Says Dog Lovers Willing to Compromise Work Routine

June 29, 2006 ( - A recent survey by and found that some employees would go to great lengths, even taking pay cuts, to hang out with their dogs at work.

The survey conducted in January asked employees what they would be willing to compromise to work in a dog-friendly environment. Two thirds (66%) said they would work longer hours and more than half (55%) said they would commute farther to work.

Dog owners also said they would be willing to:

  • Switch jobs (49%)
  • Take a 5% salary reduction (32%), and
  • Take a 10% salary reduction (11%).

The two Web companies compiled a list of more than 400 companies that employ dog-friendly policies. Though the list includes large companies such as Amazon and Google, small companies of less than 50 employees comprise the majority of the list, according to a news release. California has the most dog-friendly companies.

A search tool, allowing job seekers to find jobs at dog-friendly companies can be found at .