SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Apps

NewsDash readers share their favorite mobile applications.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “How many apps do you have downloaded on your Smartphone, and what are your top three favorites?”

Nearly three-quarters (73.9%) of responding readers work in a plan sponsor role; 13% are recordkeepers/TPAs/investment consultants, 8.7% are advisers/consultants and 4.3% are CPAs.

Nearly two-thirds (65.2%) of responding readers said they have more than 20 apps downloaded on their Smartphones, while 17.4% have 11 to 20, 13% have zero to five and 4.3% have five to 10.

News and social media apps were popular with readers. Kindle was also popular. However, there were several readers who listed entertainment apps. Among those who chose to report, their top three’s were:

  • The Weather Channel, TripCase, YouVersion
  • Southwest, Bonvoy, Words with Friends
  • Camera; Timehop; Calendar
  • Nextdoor, McAfee Security, Webex Meet
  • Toy Blast, Toon Blast and Wordscapes
  • Weatherbug, Kindle, SiriusXM
  • Yahoo email, Duck Duck Go, and ESPN- Spotify is a close third
  • Twitter, TikTok, and text messaging
  • Facebook, Yahoo Finance, Yelp
  • Twitter, Morningstar, Amazon
  • Instagram, Duolingo, and Audible
  • Twitterific; Accuweather; Gmail
  • 8fit (diet & exercise plan), social media and news
  • Kindle, Youtube, Gmail
  • Waze, Walmat, Mercari
  • Kindle, pedameter, radio app
  • Hoopla, Gasbuddy, Genius scan
  • Radio App, Weather App and Podcast App
  • ESPN, my banking app, Outlook email
  • the hill, reuters, ny times

A few readers commented that apps help them save time or stay organized, while others said they have too many. One reader said, “I’ve found that as long as I stay away from games, my phone is a tool and not addicting.” Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Words with Friends used to save me from long, boring conference calls, but Zoom meetings have ruined that!”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!


Words with Friends used to save me from long, boring conference calls, but Zoom meetings have ruined that!

My Camera App is linked with Google. I’m able to identify plants on a walk, translate my kid’s Spanish homework, and save millions of photos. I love it. I also love the Timehop can remind me what I did on a certain day since printed photos are a thing of the past. The reminders my Calendar totally keep my on track. If I could choose some more, I’d add email and texting. Now, the app I HATE? Facebook. I have to have it because FOMO (fear of missing out), but gosh is it a time-suck!

My phone is loaded with apps for work, news and health tracking . . . My favorite apps are the simple games that allow me to get away from work, news and health tracking!

I wish I had no apps since I find them to be more a distraction than I would admit.

I have way more than I need, and so many that require separate passwords to get in to are just unnecessary. Spring cleaning time?

It is ridiculous how much these organize and simplify my life.

Who would have ever imagined one could carry around a lifetime of reading in their pocket? The concept of boredom is extinct.

It is interesting to see that my top favorite apps, aren’t necessarily my “favorite”, but more of my accessed everyday apps…

I’ve found that as long as I stay away from games, my phone is a tool and not addicting.

I don’t like to use my personal cell phone for business; I don’t give out my number nor have I loaded business apps on it. My text messages are now however filled with duo authentication codes.

makes life so much easier

Most are harmless but some require criteria that people should not allow but probably do anyway. I won’t use an app if it requires a location tracker, for instance.


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) or its affiliates.