SURVEY SAYS: Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are not my favorite, but I usually get invited to one.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Is there a Halloween party on your schedule this year, and does it require dressing in costume?”


Apparently, Halloween parties are not in vogue among friends and families of responding readers as more than two-thirds (67.6%) said a Halloween party is not on their schedule. Nearly three percent are hosting one themselves, 23.5% said they are attending one hosted by someone else, and 11.8% are attending one at work.


For those planning to attend a Halloween party, 61.9% said dressing up in costume is not required. Only 14.3% said it is required, and the remaining said it is recommended, but not required.


Many of the readers who chose to leave comments share my view of not liking Halloween parties (or dressing up in costume). However, some felt otherwise. Some readers said Halloween was just for children, but offered ways they enjoy the ‘holiday’ as adults. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “For several years my costume has been stressed, overworked and underpaid TPA.”


Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!



I have never been one to dress up I enjoyed it when my kids were small but now I try to avoid Halloween

Not too many have Halloween party’s for adults around here.

I love Halloween and costume parties. Sadly, my husband is the Halloween Scrooge. I was able to have fun with it when our kids were young, but those days are long gone.

No set parties, but I’m sure there will be events I will attend with my daughter. I usually will wear a low-key “costume” (i.e. cat ears or a tiara) to these events and work.

I am not a big Halloween celebrator. Parties are not always high on my list. It amazes me how much time and effort people spend in the office and at home decorating for Halloween. It seems to have taken over religious holidays when it comes to decorating, so I guess the marketers are doing their jobs very well! Our office has a large Halloween celebration – bigger than any other employer in my 25 year work history.

I am going as myself since I am rather unique. That way no one will be dressed as me.

I am much too old to dress up for trick or treat. I leave that to the little people.

Another excuse for adults to drink too much and act inappropriately.

Overall dressing up is fairly ridiculous but if you embrace it, it can be a lot of fun.

My husband used to host one every year. This year we are helping at a charity haunted hay ride.

I enjoy handing out candy and interacting with the kids and their families during trick or treat (we dress up the dog and sit on our front porch)…adult Halloween parties don’t rank very high on my list!

I enjoy Halloween from the perspective of the kids coming to the door all dressed up. Me dressing up? Not so much.

I’m a little self-conscious about dressing up — especially if I have to travel in costume! However, I enjoy seeing creative costumes on others and, once in a while, I have come up with some creative ideas for myself.

Our neighborhood has a party each year and the host house rotates. We dodged having to dress up by dressing up our pets.

The last time I attended a Halloween party was over 30 years ago. My husband and I dressed as the ‘generic’ couple wearing white jeans, white shirts and yes, we took a piece of white paper and wrote ‘beer’ on it and wrapped it around out beer cans. Tried to make our hair white by putting flour in it – didn’t work.

They are not my favorite either, but it is fun to see how creative everyone can be with costumes.

We are strongly encouraged to dress in costume at work. For several years my costume has been stressed, overworked and underpaid TPA. Heading to a friend’s house after work to watch kid friendly movies outside on the lawn to encourage kids to trick or treat at the house. I won’t be in costume for that.

I don’t think I’ve ever been invited to a Halloween party, at least since middle school… Thank goodness!! 😉



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