SURVEY SAYS: Hot Topics at Work

NewsDash readers reveal what topics not related to work are dominating conversations in their workplaces.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “What are the hot, non-work-related, topics dominating conversations in your workplace?”

Top topics, according to responding readers, are professional or college sports (6.5%) and the upcoming holidays (47.8%). These are followed by travel experiences (30.4%), health care costs (26.1%) and children’s sports activities (21.7%).

Other topics ranked as follows:

  • Stock market volatility – 17.4%
  • Recent movies and books – 17.4%
  • TV shows – 17.4%
  • Impeachment proceedings – 13%
  • Office gossip/politics – 13%
  • Upcoming elections – 8.7%
  • Climate change – 8.7%
  • Data security – 8.7%
  • Employees’ social/dating lives – 8.7%
  • Gun violence – 4.3%
  • Vaping – 4.3%
  • U.S. relations with China and/or Russia – 4.3%

Those who chose “other” listed family issues, the weather, The Masked Singer television show specifically, choosing sides: Star Trek versus Star Wars, traffic and investing and retirement.

In comments left by some readers, one noted that retirement is a “safe” topic to talk about; many expressed that politics should be avoided. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Sometimes the gift of gab will get you in trouble…and sometimes it is just a much needed brain break in the middle of a hectic day/week!”

A big thank you to all who participated in the survey!


Fantasy Football is especially hot as most leagues are beginning or already have begun the playoffs.

Be careful!

They have their place. Sometimes ya just gotta talk about whether you guessed who was the last unmasked singer!

So thankful we have a “no politics talk” policy. Even with like-minded co-workers, I just don’t want to deal with it for a blissful 8 hours a day.

Being in the financial sector, politics enters the conversation often. Luckily, even though there are a whole variety of opinions, most people handle their differences with some humor. I don’t feel uncomfortable or worried when the talk veers to controversial topics.

Anything but politics!

Happily, we are staying away from politics!

Sometimes the gift of gab will get you in trouble…and sometimes it is just a much needed brain break in the middle of a hectic day/week!

It is nice to have a little non-work bonding time, but there are some people who don’t know when to quit!

It’s safe to talk about retirement, we all agree that we all want to retire “not poor”.


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) or its affiliates.