SURVEY SAYS: How Are You Feeling About the Stimulus?

February 12, 2009 ( - Seems that all eyes have been on Washington this week - wondering and perhaps worrying about the fate of that spending/stimulus package.

This week I asked readers what had them most worried about the various proposals being debated on Capitol Hill.

40.2% – What you don’t know

26.1% – What you do know

23.9% – What you do know that you don’t know

On the other hand, just 10.9% were worried that they’ll (Congress) do nothing, and a mere 2.2% were willing to adopt Mad Magazine’s Alfred E Neuman’s “What, me worry?” philosophy.

As for the prospects of how those proposals will look once (if?) they get to President Obama’s desk:

42.9% – Worried that it might get bigger

41.8% – Worried that it might get bigger and still not be enough

  6.6% – Worried that it might not be big enough

Just 5.5% were worried that it wouldn’t get to President Obama’s desk, and the rest were consigned to the “What, me worry?” response.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s bonus survey!