SURVEY SAYS: March Madness

March 15, 2001 - The waiting (for some) is over (for others it is just beginning)--March Madness is now upon us. Nearly 61% of this week's respondents are participating in a pool, compared with 39% that are abstaining (roughly the reverse of last year's survey results, interestingly enough). The vast majority picked Duke to win it all, with Maryland and Stanford distant seconds. Also cited were Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan State and North Carolina.

From an economic standpoint, the average entry fee was $11.68, but the most popular answer was $5. Payoffs were all over the board ? and generally dependent on the final number of contestants (many open until tip-off today). However, the average was nearly $500! One reader noted that “gambling is illegal, just the awe of my fellow workers is enough.” But perhaps the best response was the reader who said, “it doesn’t even matter.”

Thanks to everyone that participated in our survey!