SURVEY SAYS: Memorable Vacations

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, what types of places do you like to go on vacation, and what was your favorite/most memorable vacation, and why?

Topping the list of places respondents like to goes was “a beach” (58.9%), followed by “the Caribbean” (28.6%), “the mountains” and “national parks, memorials or monuments” (26.8% each), and “another country” (23.2%).  

Thirty-two percent of responding readers chose “other,” in part because the survey question said “historical” parks, memorials or monuments instead of “national,” but staying home, visiting zoos and museums, a mix of places and anywhere they can relax were other readers’ choices.  

Fourteen percent chose “quirky, little-known attractions,” 13% selected “amusement parks,” 7% like to visit a “family member’s home,” and 3.6% chose the “Midwest.”  

Among the favorite/most memorable vacations, were Hawaii, Key West, camping trips, places in Europe, and Yellowstone National Park. My favorite response was, “Went to Vegas once – I don’t remember the rest.” 

Favorite/Most Memorable Vacations Verbatim  

condo in Maui on the beach. No additional description required. 


just got back from south of france and then tuscany...definitely one of the best trips ever. I still sure enjoy the beach trips too though where there's no pressure to actually go and do anything! 


Key West - quiet, full of interesting historical finds, lots of free experiences, great galleries, good food. The natives are very friendly! Don't miss the Dry Torgugas run to Fort Jefferson! 


Trip to Maui to see the whales 


Camping/hiking in the Colorado mountains. We had the best family time without phones,TV or emails. We actually talked to each other. My now grown kids said they plan on doing the same with their growing families because of their great memories. 


out west to the Tetons, yellowstone park. We did some white water rafting in the Tetons and some hiking. Great family trip. 


Grand Canyon, hands down, in 1987 when both my parents were still alive, although not able to travel by themselves as they did when I was growing up. My husband and I returned the favor by taking them to the Grand Canyon for the first and only time in their lives. We, though, have returned numerous times. The magnificence of the Canyon is beyond my ability to put into words. 


A trip to the South Pacific in 1973! We used the local transportation "Le Truck" in Tahiti and traveled off the beaten path, had lunch at a stand behind someone's house with chickens running around went to the local fresh air market and ate the most delicious French baguette bread, crunchy crust and chewy inside (still haven't found anything that compares!). We visited New Zealand and traveled from Auckland to Rotorua where we went to the Maori Village (everything you ate tasted like sulpher!). On to Australia where we stayed in Kings Cross... Later, much later we found out we had stayed in the red light district (not a fan of steak and kidney pie..ick!!! It was the year before the Sydney Opera House opened. On to Fiji where we drove the gravel highway from Nadi to Suva. Walked to the open air market, walking through the stalls of fish, past the rolls of tabacco, and brightly colored materials, etc. While at the market a fight broke out and everyone just left their wares to go watch the fight. They weren't worried that someone would steal anything! Everyone was extremely polite and friendly. Almost 40 years later the trip still sticks in my and my siblings minds...Helps that Pop took over 1000 slides! Great memories, but then any of our summer trips made for great memories! Even the one's when we lollygagged through boring museums! We saw and learned a lot which made the memories stick.

Verbatim (cont.)  

Italy. The people, food, culture, and overall experience was amazing. We didn't have kids at the time... which changed our current travels. 


The one I haven't taken yet, so I have something to look forward to..... 


A week camping at Morro Bay. It is the most beautiful spot on California's coast and a week relaxing in the sun with friends and family is the perfect way to get away. 


My most memorable vacation was when I first visited Italy to meet my grandparents family. We spent 2 weeks with my cousins touring the country side and meeting relatives from both sides of my father's family. I will never forget their hospitality or the sites we saw that don't typically show up on a guided tour. It still feels like home whenever I get the chance to visit again. 


Vacation to St. Lucia in the Caribbean 


Traveling in Europe as a single, young woman just out of college...joined groups, visited friends, stayed at hostels, traveled by train, boat, car and plane. Took about 3 months, and is still, almost 30 years later, by far the best vacation ever. Oh to feel so free, safe and unconquerable again! 


Hawaii, need I say more. 


Aruba with my husband; just the two of us. It was the best vacation I ever took because we did nothing. We just relaxed for 10 days. 


First and only time in Paris on my honeymoon! But also Tahiti with exboyfriend. We went waterskiing one day and he couldn't get up, while I was skiing around with a huge smile on my face. Boy was he angry! 


Costa Rica because the B&B in San Jose was very unusual, the owner was very helpful and San Jose reminded me of the midwestern cities in the 1950's with locally owned stores downtown. Continued by overnight bus after a few days to Panama City to visit the canal and points of interest. In the hotels in both locations there were very interesting guests and the one in Costa Rica had a courtyard and exterior covered with vines, and visited by all sorts of wildlife. 


My daughter and I took a 4500 mile road trip through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska (only to see CarHenge--there is no other reason to visit Nebraska.) We had mapped out the "must sees" and then just played it by ear. We vowed not to eat in any chain restaurants or stay in any chain motels (although we did violate that rule 2 nights.) It was the most fun I've ever had on a vacation. Even though it was a bit more quantity over quality with all the driving, it was the best. 


I like to travel in general, but find that I really enjoy the times I've had the good fortune to spend in London, Paris and Prague. There is just a different "feel" to life there. 


Trip to Winnipeg Canada to run a marathon. It was just me and my wife; no kids or grandkids. The people we met were very friendly and we had a nice quiet vacation with no restraints and no complaints. 


2002 - Wife and two children to Mauai where we watched a timeshare pitch to get some free snorkling for the family, ended up purchasing a timeshare in Kauai -since that time we've been able to return to Kauai or trade for someplace else (wishing we'd gone back to Kauai) with the whole family and friends. I have 5 children, 4 of them married and 4 grandkids - most have been to Kauai with us.

Verbatim (cont.)  

After college graduation, two cousins and I took a month-long tour of the USA via Greyhound's Ameripass to see Spokane World's Fair, Salem Sue, Chicago, Boston, NYC, D.C., Walt Disney World, New Orleans, San Antonio, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Fun Times! 


yellowstone national park in the winter . . .snowshoeing through the park where the wind blows the snow on the trees to make them sparkle like crystals . . where you are all alone with the wildlife - no people, no cars, no cellphones . . . breathtaking . . your snowshoeing through the woods and come upon a herd of bison or look to the sky and see an eagle ... you can just stop and listen to the world 


Last year I went to Kiev with a friend & her Russian daughter-in-law, and it was awesome. Got to see the little town she grew up in and lots of Russian life that no tourists see. Loved it. 


The Hot Rod Power Tour - 2,000 hot rods on a 1500 mile trip in one week. Neat cars, great people. 


Any trip with family - making memories. 


Cayman Islands. The diving is excellent (Dive sites are quick to get to and you can dive right off shore in 70 feet+), the water is beautiful and clean, the people are friendly and the Islands cater to US citizens. It's very laid-back and relaxing. Every place accepts US dollars, although it's better to convert to Cayman dollars, because you gain about 3%. It's also very quick and easy to get there by air from the US. 


Went to Vegas once - I don't remember the rest. 


Trip to Brazil. truly an eye-opening experience. 


A trip that encompassed ROcky Mountain National Park, the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons! 


My hubby and I have had so many amazing trips that not only am I having trouble choosing just one, but describing any of them would take far more space than you probably want to give me (grin). That said, I *do* love cruising! 


My most memorable vacation was when I was 8 and we took a driving trip out west to California, stopping at many places along the way. Standing at the Grand Canyon was particulary memorable, especially with my mom yelling at me to back away from the edge. That was almost 40 years ago and is still one of my most memorable vacations. 


Trip to Hawaii - Maui and Oahu 


My wife and I had just bought a car with a GPS. We headed east one morning and used the system to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway. We've had 2 kids since then, and have re-visited several spots we discovered on the original trip. It's fun to see the photos of us in some of our favorite spots before kids, then with one kid, then with two. 


Mongolia...very few tourists, unaffected by Western civilization, unpolluted and the people were friendly and kind...all adventure travel to third world countries are the most interesting places to visit. 


Renting a beach house for a week with the extended family. It gives us an opportunity to catch up, relax and enjoy each other all while enjoying the sun and water.

Verbatim (cont.)  

A driving trip in 1960 from Texas to California on Route 66. I still remember the stops, motels, meals, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, etc. What memories that provided! 


Grove Park Inn - just lovely place to stay and Asheville is really interesting 


Egypt.....from the teaming streets of Cairo to Luxor to the Valley of the Kings, on south to Aswan, it is a country full of treasure troves from antiguity, oftentimes caught in a timewarp as life along the Nile hasn't changed in thousands of years. I loved every second of this trip....a culture so different from America and Europe, uniquely its own. It left me wanting to learn and see more. Hopefully, recent political unrest won't deter tourists from visiting this beautiful land in the future. 


I love the trips with my family, the most memorable probably being a trip out to Arizona several years ago that had several memorable "misadventures" that we laugh about to this day (and that I look forward to sharing with THEIR children one day). But the one I still think back whistfully on was one I took with my younger brother and my grandparents many years ago to the Smokey Mountains. It was special just having that time with my grandparents as a 15-year-old (and with no parents) to a place that I still love (and I'm a beach guy!). 


Kauai, Hawaii was the best 10 days of my life. It's beautiful and very relaxing. When I stepped off the plane my stress just lifted, it was wonderful - so much to see and do for a small island. It is the least commercialized. Sunsets to DIE for. 


Took my mother to London and Paris 


Yellowstone National Park. So awe inspiring! Drive around a corner and you might see/hear water sizzling out of the ground, or a wolf, or herd of elk. Stand in a particular stream with one foot in cold water and one foot in hot water. Take a long walk down a hillside to look up and view magnificient waterfalls. Best part, watch the people behind us with their telephoto lens camera, taking photos of the brown mounds off in the distance, only to suddenly realize the buffalo they were trying to photgraph were coming over the rise behind them! They had just enough time to pack up and get in their vehicle before a buffalo crossed the road between our cars! 


My husband and I went to Alaska and found out that's where God lives. Loved the breathtaking scenery and the charming quirkiness of the locals. Best vacation ever! 


Italy (only Rome & Florence - enough to see there without hectic travelling to other destinations). I took pictures of the Roman Forum ruins (carved stone blocks laying on the ground) and wondered what are we building today that 2000 years from now someone might think worthy of photographing. I have yet to find an answer.... 


Trip to Vietnam in 1995. Amazing people, beautiful beaches, delicious food and fascinating history. What more could you ask for in a vacation? 


Muck diving - shallow scuba diving about 30 feet down in the mangrove swamps - in Papua New Guinea. The quirky and strange sea life is unlike anywhere else in the world! 


Camping and hiking in Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Tetons 

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