SURVEY SAYS: Pulling for the Panthers or Betting on the Broncos?

The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will compete in Super Bowl 50 on February 7.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Will you be watching and who do you want to win—or do you even care?”

Nearly 14% of responding readers indicated they will not watch the game, but 42.7% will be watching at home by themselves or with just family and 24.2% will be watching at home with friends and family. Nearly 17% said they will watch the game at a friend or family member’s house, and 2.4% will watch it at a restaurant, sports bar or other place.

Nearly half (47.6%) want the Denver Broncos to win, and 23.4% are pulling for the Carolina Panthers. Nearly 10% said they would be happy if either team won, and 19.3% do not care.

Some of the verbatim comments made me LOL: “Darn, I circled that day to stop smoking and drinking and to start losing weight.” Several stated that the New England Patriots should be a contender, while several expressed joy that it is not. Some are only watching for the commercials. And, there were some very strong feelings expressed about Cam Newton and the NFL in general. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Will watch as long as it is a good game (evenly matched). If it is a runaway, it isn’t worth sitting through all the commercials. It shouldn’t take 4 hours to play 60 minutes of football!”

Thanks to all who participated in our survey!


Would have been a better game if the Patriots were playing...

Denver all the way!

Believe it will be a blowout

Since the Seahawks with Pete Carroll and their awesome uniforms are out, I suppose Peyton Manning will have to do.

Though I am much less interested in the Super Bowl this year since the Seahawks are not in it for the first time in 3 years, it would be great to see Peyton Manning go out on top like his boss John Elway did. Most of all I hope for an entertaining, competitive game. Go Hawks.

Wish the Packers were in it. Pulling for Peyton Manning to finish his career with one more Super Bowl win.

War CAM Eagle!! If Bama can win the National Championship, the Auburn Tigers can claim the Super Bowl!

I love to go shopping (for anything at all) during the Super Bowl. You get the best service because no one (but the game) is competing for the salesperson's attention.

Lights, action, Cam ERA!!!!!!!!! Go Panthers!!!!!

I don't want Denver to win, so I guess I am rooting for the Pathers, though I won't be watching the game.

I like the commercials!

I've always found the Super Bowl to be the best time to go for a drive or run errands. Seems most people are watching the game and the streets are clear of traffic!

Verbatim (cont.) 

I hope the fix is not in to protect Manning in what's probably his last game.

Love those Broncos! I would love to see Denver win, and Peyton of the most intelligent quarterbacks ever...retire with another Super Bowl under his belt!

While I'm not a fan of either team, I'm pulling for the Panthers (and my squares on the football pool). My real satisfaction came last week, when Brady and the Patriots lost!!

I just want an exciting game where both teams play well.

Wouldn't miss those ads!

Hoping for Peyton/Broncos, at my age I always root for the old guys. Also, can't stand Cam and his stupid posing.

As usual, I'm most excited about the commercials.

Classy Peyton versus It's all about me Newton.

Is that the one with the pointy ball?

Winning Super Bowl 50 will be a nice exit from the profession for Peyton Manning -- time for him to retire with grace and dignity.

I would love to see Peyton win one for the NFL senior citizens! If only the rest of us could retire on top at age 39!!!

Verbatim (cont.) 

I love football. Therefore, I ignore the NFL. I am a former player, a former coach, a former official (referee, etc.), and a long-time fan of the sport. However, the NFL has taken this wonderful sport that is an excellent combination of the mental and the physical, a beautiful blend of strategy, teamwork, and balance, and absolutely ruined it. The selective and inconsistent enforcement of the rules has destroyed the possibility of the games being fair, and has provided huge advantages to the teams and players who violate the rules the most. The wanton pursuit of profit has resulted in a tacit promotion of illegal activities (by players, coaches, and owners). The inconsistent enforcement of a pretend moral code (motivated by feigned consideration of public opinion) has sent a clear message to the players and the public that negotiation and "saying the right words" are more important than doing the right thing. The reaction to the valid scientific and medical conclusions regarding the serious negative effects of repeated head trauma ("let's stick our heads in the sand and pay lawyers to defend the league's unethical position") has sent a very clear message to children (including future players) that the NFL does not care about those who play the sport. The acceptance of the most blatantly racist team nickname in sports further devalues people and sets the NFL in opposition to the rest of society. I could elaborate further. My main point is that I consider the NFL to be a disgusting abomination of something that was once good, and therefore I no longer have anything to do with it in any way.

We'll be cheering for the Broncos, hoping they don't "improve" their record number of super bowl losses to 6. Go Broncos!

Come on Broncos - you can do it! Shut down that obnoxious Cam Newton. Win it for Peyton!!!

hopefully it becomes a retirement ceremony for Manning

I don't particularly care about either team, but am rooting for Peyton Manning to have a Super Bowl win with Denver Broncos.

I watch mostly for the commercials.

From Denver: Love, love, love the Broncos! It will be a very sad place around here on Monday, Feb. 8 if the Broncos don't win.

It'd be nice to see Peyton go out on top.

I have lays been a big supporter of Peyton Manning but more than anything else I am glad Bill Belichik and Tom Brady DID NOT make it to the Super Bowl.

From a Colts fan - how awesome will it be for Peyton to win another title after everyone had given up on him - TWICE!

Verbatim (cont.) 

Go Peyton!

Ignore halftime; better be funny ads this year. Hoping for good and close game. Peyton should retire if he wins or loses.

Go Chiefs!

Can't wait for the commercials.

I'm not a big football fan but I love Peyton Manning. He is a class act from a great football family. Go Broncos!

Routing for the Broncos as Peyton Manning is a much better role model than Cam Newton.

I'll never understand why so many people are addicted to men slamming into each other at G force speed over a little ball. The only game more boring than football is golf (the ball is even smaller)!

Having beaten the Patriots, The Denver Broncos are now my second favorite team ever........Go Bills......eventually

As a Giants fan, of course I am disappointed that it is not them. But if a Manning can win, that would be good.

I am beginning to really not care for professional sports. The owners only think about the money and not the character of the players. Pretty sad.

I'm hoping Denver wins solely for the sake of Peyton Manning. Otherwise I'm a Pat's fan.

Pulling for Peyton, and looking forward to the commercials.

I hope Peyton Manning wins what could be his last rodeo!

Verbatim (cont.) 

Have to route for Peyton even though beat my Patriots!

I always rooted against the Broncos, but since they acquired Peyton, I've been warming up to them. Just hoping for a good game.

Just happy that the Patriots aren't there. I'm rooting for the senior - Peyton Manning.

Normally with the Packers out of the picture I wouldn't care who won. This year however I would like to see the Broncos win only because I think this most likely is Peyton Manning's swan song. I think for him a Super Bowl victory would mean so much more.

My heart says Peyton and the Broncos. My mind says Panthers. Either way, hoping for a good game!!

Will watch as long as it is a good game (evenly matched). If it is a runaway, it isn't worth sitting through all the commercials. It shouldn't take 4 hours to play 60 minutes of football!

I'm a Manning fan so to see him get a win in what could be his swan song would be excellent!

I don't even own a TV, and the radio is tuned to NPR, so I'll just see highlights that come through my FB feed.

Hope the commercials are better than last year.

Super Bowl on my birthday?! Yes, please! And in Vegas with friends? Woot, woot! Can't wait!

Usually I just go for the party and social aspect, but the friends I'll be with are HUGE Broncos fans, so I'll be rooting for them!

As a loyal NE Patriot's fan, I want anyone who beats them in the AFC championship to lose - and lose BIG! Go Panthers!

mainly watch for the commercials

Darn, I circled that day to stop smoking and drinking and to start losing weight.

Would only watch if my any of my city's teams were playing (Giants or Jets).

A win for the Sheriff to go out in style!

it's about time they got rid of those stupid Roman numerals; the halftime show is relatively weak this year: Beyoncé will spice it up, but Coldplay? really?

Mostly looking forward to the commercials. Can't wait to see what the Budweiser Clydesdales are up to this year!!

Having been around long enough to remember the first games between the NFL and AFL, I miss the old days when it was more about the game and less about the all the pre-game hoopla.

Have to pull for Peyton. Great citizen.


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