SURVEY SAYS: Texting Versus Talking

NewsDash readers share whether they text more or talk more with family and friends.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “When it comes to friends and family, do you text more or talk more?”


With family, 41.2% of responding readers indicated they text more. Nearly four in 10 (39.2%) talk more, and 19.6% said they text and talk about the same amount.


With friends, nearly two-thirds (64.7%) of respondents reported they text more. Slightly more than 29% talk more and 5.9% say they text and talk about the same amount.


Readers who chose to leave comments were split between those who prefer texting and those who prefer conversation. Those who prefer texting cited convenience and the ability to text multiple people at once, among other things, as reasons. Those who prefer talking say it’s more personal and rewarding, and that the tone in texts can be misconstrued. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Some things just take more time to work through than I’m willing to spend typing a text.”


Thanks to all who participated in the survey!



I get very tired of texting and will cut it off and say “just call me!” Some people must not realize that cell phones can also be used to make phone calls!

Texting is convenient when a conversation isn’t necessary or possible, but conversations are definitely more gratifying.

A lot can be lost in the context of a text, but the convenience of texting is so valuable with everyone’s different time constraints.

Remember, your romantic partner deserves the best treatment.

The only time I text when in the same house is when I am on the 3rd floor and he is on the 2nd or 1st. Those stairs can be a killer!!

I find texting my adult children gets a quick response, and I can send messages to all 6 of them at once. We try to get together often, so we talk then.

Text more unless it is just easier to get on the dang phone. Some things just take more time to work through than I’m willing to spend typing a text.

Except for short messages, I hate texting. I’d much rather talk on the phone.

In defense of texting, to respond to the text is on my time. A call usually dictates an immediate conversation (if so willing to accept the call). I love and prefer texting.

In 1st question, I talk more than text with immediate family (spouse & kids). Extended family, such as my siblings & in-laws, I text with more often than speak with. I find that when a relationship devolves to only communicating by text, it becomes superficial. Like many social media “friendships”.

Read “1984”. It addresses the dumbing down of the populous through simplification of the words they are capable of using and understanding. LOL

Our immediate family now lives in 5 different states, so our conversations are on video chat – Whats App, Signal, Skype. I would text if I just need an answer to a question.

Texting is quick and simple. I can send a message put the phone down and move on to other items. It’s a learned multitasker behavior.

Texting is too impersonal – I prefer to talk.

Can text a quick update or message without the back and forth of calling

Texting is used way too much and should not be used unless talking is not possible or convenient for one or both of the parties – and it’s important a message needs to get delivered. It’s become an excuse for not talking, and it’s too often used when it shouldn’t be (driving!). It’s really disheartening to see a family gathered at a restaurant and many a family member focused on their own phone – texting, emailing, trolling social media or web surfing. And those who aren’t are sitting there in silence. What’s the point of gathering together for a meal?

It is a shame that people are not looking into the eyes of their loved ones. They are missing out & expressions say a lot. I am guessing those that only text do not hug either.

Do not call me. That is not what my phone is for. lol

I prefer text because it doesn’t seem as intrusive – they can get back to me when it’s convenient. Depending on the message, there are times when calling is better – you have to “know your audience”.

My wife will text me from upstairs when she needs something

My kids’ lives are far busier than mine was as a teenager. We talk when we’re together, but texting maintains that personal connection even when we’re apart.

You know they are going to see the text eventually. Most people don’t check their voice mail as often so they might miss your message. Texting allows you to send the same message to multiple people at the same time.

We also text the kids while in the house but separate rooms. It’s nicer than yelling upstairs or downstairs that dinner is ready 🙂

We live in separate cities, so it’s nice to keep that line of communication going with just a quick text to let them know something or that I am thinking of them. Talking is always better, but it is still a touch of communication and at least it is open…

Sometimes you just don’t want to talk to the person!!

Sometimes a quick text is more convenient, but cannot always replace the personal interaction.

There isn’t any tone in texting, I’m the sarcastic type, that doesn’t text well. Reeaaally!

It’s faster, period.

I talk more with my parents but text more with my kids and sibling. I have been known to text from the other room on a rare occasion!!

Really? In the very same room? Only when we’re being snarky about another family member…

Texting is more impersonal, but more convenient for both sender and recipient as each can do on his/her own time.


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) or its affiliates.