SURVEY SAYS: What Will Mom Get for Mother's Day?

May 11, 2007 ( - Yesterday's survey on Mommy-isms also had a bonus question on what Mom(s) will be getting for Mother's Day.

Well, nearly half (48.9%) of those planning to give Mom a gift had their eyes on a card, followed by a close clustering of second place options;

  • flowers (21.6%),
  • a meal (20.5%), or
  • a visit (19.3%), and
  • roughly 5% each opted for candy or jewelry (yes, multiple answers were permitted).  

For 18% – Mother’s Day won’t be the same – because Mom is no longer with us.  

Surprisingly (perhaps) nearly half (46.0%) opted for “other” as a choice – with such variety that your humble correspondent is unable to accurately summarize them (those who offered an explanation, anyway) –   but you can take a stab at the verbatims provided.

1.We have two moms (mine is no longer with us and my husband's is), but they are both getting flowers and visits this weekend.
2.Having a BBQ
3.Since my wife and I are the only married children with a house (everyone else has apartments) for the last few years we have everyone on both sides over to our house for a BBQ.
4.A CD
5.It happens I'll see her on Friday and I'll tell her I hope she'll have a nice day ( 🙂 ).
6.Fruit flower bouqet.
7.and a phone call!
8.A relaxation basket filled with bubble bath packets, chocolate truffles, a relaxation CD, glass with Bubbles are a Girls best friend & card. Mother-in-law is getting a glass vase with a beautiful floral arrangement and a card.
9.Flowers are to hang on her deck railing and I am sending her some low-calorie snack pack cookies that she loves but doesn't have access to where she lives. call certificate to her current favorite women's clothing store (and a trip to the store to use the gift certificate)
12.I'm taking myself out to brunch at my favorite restaurant.
13.My parents both think Mother's Day (& Father's Day) are commercial inventions by the greeting card companies. We are not allowed to give gifts, so we always get together for a family cookout. With 7 kids (aged 40 to 57) and 9 grandchildren these events are always fun.
14.A nice long visit by phone
15.Mom is retired and enjoys cooking, reading and playing board games. My sister and I will give her several new books on cooking, novels and new games she and my dad can play.
16.Cook dinner for her.
17.At a minumum, a phone call. Mom and Dad are out in their RV somewhere - date of return unknown. Oh, the joys of retirement.
18.not sure yet
19.As a mom myself, I am looking forward to a week-end trip with my daughter to go see my mother-in-law/her grandmother.
20.And she will be joining us on vacation in the Florida Keys for the week.
21.Our annual Mother's Day Event is going to the race for the cure walk in Phila.
22.She doesn't celebrate holidays.
23.remembering my mom-- she passed away 3 1/2 years ago
24.My siblings and I are all combining our gifts and giving her new kitchen countertops. She has expressed her dislike of the current ones, but would never replace them herself. She actually seems pleased with this gift for a change.
25.We just moved mom and dad into a retirement community and they are settling in very nicely. For my mom, a personal visit for the afternoon is the most treasured of gifts. I love her dearly and we do enjoy time spent together.
26.a book
27.My parents love to eat out so a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.
28.My daughter & friends are coming to visit and we will grill out. I'll probably do most of the grilling, but it will be special because we will be together.
29.A new George Forman grill...aren't I a lucky MOM!!!
30.We have a tradition where the men organize, make and clean up brunch at my parent's house. The moms just sit back and relax. We then return the favor on Father's Day (and every other party!)
31.If last year was any indication of what I'll get for Mother's day, I won't really get anything. Last year, my kids took me out to lunch which I thought was so nice. Two days later he called and asked to borrow money!
32.I took her shopping and bought her what SHE wanted.
33.A portable DVD player and a new beach bag for her upcoming beach vacation.
34.delivering mulch to her house and spreading it around the yard for her. Kind of a return to sender for the 'mulch' she gives me all year.
35.Sending a bouquet of edible fruit. They live 1200 miles away.
36.I "get" to watch my husband and teen daughter (most likely) get slaughtered in double-header church league softball games. I also "get out of" doing anything I don't want to do that day. and music CD
38.Rather than missing her less as each year passes, I miss my mom more especially this time of year! Big hugs and kisses to all of the moms out there.
39.tea and a teapot
40.Stationary featuring one of her favorite artists.
41.I am asking for flowers to plant in the yard. My mother is deceased, but I have to buy for my mother-in-law because my husband forgets to. (We usually buy her a hanging plant.)