SURVEY SAYS: What's on Your Labor Day Agenda?

September 2, 2010 ( - Based on the e-mail bouncebacks, many readers have already headed out for an early start on the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

But since we (you and I, anyway) are still “here”, this week I asked readers to share YOUR plans for the upcoming holiday weekend.

For the very most part, the plans seemed to fall into the “just taking it easy” category.  In fact, just over a quarter (25.3%) indicated that WAS their holiday weekend plan.

  • 12.1% – going somewhere
  •  5.5% – making it a FOUR day weekend
  •  4.4% – entertaining visitors
  • 13.2% – more than one of the above

Just over 1% apparently didn’t have a three-day weekend on their mind (choosing “WHAT three-day weekend?).

Now, I offered readers a number of options (as I try to do each week, and as you can see above).  That said, the most popular response this week was the one that wasn’t included – “other”.

In fairness, most of those really seemed to live up to the name.  For some, it was going to be MORE than a three- OR four-day weekend, for others, it was going to be anything but taking it easy (getting ready for school was very “popular”), for still others some kind of athletic event was at the center of their plans, and some were, unfortunately, scrambling to get prepared for Hurricane Earl). 

But hey, don’t take my word for it – here’s a sampling:

A four day weekend, a couple of cookouts, just hoping the hurricane doesn't reach Massachusetts and spoil everything.

Celebrating my 3 year old niece's birthday (I am hosting), so get to clean and prepare, so that on Monday, I can clean again as well as throw in yardwork.  Luckily, I will only be bringing about 5 hours of work home with me.

Family is coming Friday night.  I'm serving a wedding party luncheon on Sat. Wedding Sat. night.  Grandkids and guest Sat. night.  Party at my son's Sunday.  Maybe golf on Mon., depends on when the guest leave.

The endpoints of the weekend are set. I'm going to a baseball game with a nephew on Friday night, if Earl doesn't change our plans. On Monday night, I will getting together with two friends I make music with. This will be our weekly practice session as we prepare for a gig we have in a few months. I'm not sure what is going to happen in between, though I expect I will be taking my wife out to dinner once or twice and make at least one trip to the office.

Cleaning the house before my mother-in-law arrives on Tuesday.

Just taking it easy for a FOUR day weekend!

Making it a FOUR day weekend AND just taking it easy

Making it a SIX day weekend

Getting the kids ready for school

Working second job. Labor day indeed. 

With Hurricane Earl coming to town, we have three possible scenarios: If it's good weather, the beach. If it's rainy and stormy, stay home. If it's total hurricane Armageddon, pack up the family and pets & head for Pennsylvania. Whatever happens, I sure miss living in California with the most boringly beautiful weather in the nation.

I will be working until 5:00 sharp on friday so no long holiday (what holiday) weekend for me - the holidays as we once knew them (memorial day, 4th of july, labor day) are now just long weekends - not too sure anyone really knows why we have monday off except to celebrate the end of summer (end - it's 97 degrees here on september 1 - i think summer is still going strong) - as far as plans go - every weekend is packed - will go and see my yankees win AGAIN at the stadium on saturday, chores on sunday and visit relatives in hopefully cooler MA on monday - that is, if the big blow EARL doesn't come our way -  and then, before you know, we will be hearing the sounds of christmas carols and the mad rush to spend spend spend - everyone enjoy!

Moving a kid halfway across the country, to college

I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm flying from NYC to Chicago to watch the Mets play the Cubs over Labor Day weekend!

Play a little golf, catch-up on some yard work, cookout and watch the grandkids so their parents can have a relaxing weekend. Practice for retirement!

I'll be one of 101,821 people (which will comprise the largest crowd ever at an Alabama football game due to the recently completed stadium renovations) helping to kick off the 2010 college football season for the National Champions.  Roll Tide.

Taking a FIVE day weekend....of course, that will consist primarily of painting walls this weekend....and going to the doctor on Tuesday.

Making it a 5 day weekend. Traveling to relatives.

Working on a remodel for the home business.

Taking the week of Labor Day off and getting hitched!  So fingers crossed the weekend will be spent getting over being sick so I can enjoy my wedding. 

We're having a block party on our street on Sunday.  The kids are eager to ride their bikes in a carless street and play in the bouncy tent.  The parents are excited because our neighborhood brewmaster has mixed up three special beers for the occasion.  Its great because both the kids and adults won't have to worry about cars.

Attend a wedding. Our daughter is a bridesmaid. I tend to grumble when couples plan weddings on holiday weekends because then your holiday plans are made for you.

Training for a fall marathon involves doing a 20 mile run this weekend, so Labor Day will be a to recover.

"4 day weekend, boating, maybe camping, who knows - I'm in Colorado, we are expected to get into the 40's tonight (some were in the upper 80's during the day).  Could get snow in the mountains or it could be hot.

My middle son and his new bride will be coming into town.  My youngest daughter and maybe my youngest son, will be going on an archeological dig.  My oldest daughter may have sold her house and we could end up over there helping them pack.  that leaves my oldest son and his family - he will probably just join in.

Looking at this I may be at work........."

Taking all next week as vacation

Hoping to watch Michigan get off to a winning season

Making it a 4-day weekend BUT not doing much -- waiting to see what Eal has in store for us.  Wanted to go to the beach but thought better of it.


Clean out and organize some rooms

Barbecues, Barbecues and more Barbecues!  

But here were my favorites:

Planned to go sailing with friends to Block Island, RI,but this guy named Earl may get in the way

While my daughter gets to enjoy a luxury mountain retreat weekend funded by her in-laws, I get to watch her dog.  Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?

Mental health means different things to different folks.  I'm going to focus on improving my mental health by:  starting on the clean-out of the garage (the whole clean out could not possibly happen even in three three-day weekends), maybe drag my husband to one of the big-box stores to search for a light fixture (maybe not...he's allergic to same), or...just not wear my glasses and I'll never notice how "bad" things look!

Ride out Hurricane Earl, and clean up the mess.

And this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said “I plan on doing what I usually do on long weekends - fixing up the house.  There will definitely be labor in my Labor Day.  :^{“

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!