SURVEY SAYS – When Do You Read NewsDash?

April 5, 2007 ( - We have NewsDash readers around the world, and with job responsibilities that are just as varied.

I usually read right around lunchtime, which is too late for the survey, but I enjoy it nonetheless.   Thank you!

I read it every couple of days

(b) – I get into work about 6:50 a.m., get the “hot” stuff out of the way and usually get to NewsDash about 8:00 a.m. (want to stay on top of new happenings).

Nevin, I print it first thing in the morning (around 5-5:30) and try to read it at that time. However, I sometimes have to take them home to read when I don’t get a chance to read soon after printing.


P.S. Enjoy the newsletter, keep up the good work.

would have to answer ( i ) because I read it immediately after I clean out the junk mail. Unfortunately, there is so much to delete that by the time I get done it could be morning, noon or night. But I do read it…eventually.

Read it every day… as I get “a-round-tuett.”   Good stuff.

(a)   I try to read it every morning unless there is some pressing issue

that needs my immediate attention.

g) every couple of days.   I usually let them lay there until I have some down time or am on hold on the telephone. Though I do try to check on Wednesday for the Survey question.   Then

read the rest as time permits.

first thing in the morning as it is often the only new reading material at 3am…

(a) I think you could have answered this one for me….being that we’re both early birds.

1st thing every morning.   My actual start time is 8:30am EST but I get to my office every day at 5:30am for coffee, the newspaper and NewsDash…   In that order…

I read the News Dash the first thing every morning.   I get to work at 5:00 to 5:15 am to beat the traffic rush.   I review and retain all articles with notes of wisdom   that supplement my work as   Administrator, Trustee & Plan Fiduciary.

I always read the NewsDash first thing every morning.

(a) first thing every morning.   It keeps me up-to-date and allows me to share articles with my co-workers.   Couldn’t live without it!!

(a) First thing,, I come in early,, read it before the fan

(A) Usually first thing in the morning. If not then, sadly, I don’t get to it.    Some days, like today, I only read Market Mirror and Small Talk.    On days that I take the train into work, I’ll pull it up on my Blackberry and read the entire text. It makes the train ride seem faster!

Good morning

A) the first thing almost every morning. I look forward to it.

(a) first thing every morning — best compilation of news I’ve ever seen.

I usually read NewsDash first thing in the morning.   If I wait until later things usually get too crazy.

A – I wouldn’t think of starting my day any other way.

(a) – first thing every morning, while I’m eating my toasted english muffin and drinking hot tea (yes, at work!). NewsDash is the one daily/weekly ezine I receive that I always make time to read.

However, if I’m away on vacation, then:

(i) – I tend to skim most of them upon my return, but always save the Friday edition to read the Friday Files section (my favorite!)

(a) I generally read NewsDash first thing in the morning.   However, the demands of deadlines sometimes pushes it to whenever.

a.   first thing in the morning.   On most days, I start the day by sitting in front of the computer either at work or at home and reading NewsDash.   I find that if I don’t read it first thing, it’s really hard to get back to it.   Please don’t even think of changing the time of receipt!! I’d hate to start my day without you!

A).   I’m an early bird and I enjoy reading NewsDash with my morning coffee before the hustle and bustle starts.

It makes great reading on my Blackberry on the train every morning.

I read NewsDash first thing in the morning……..Couldn’t start my morning without it!

I read it every morning before getting started.   I get a quick synopsis of what is going on in our “retirement” world as well as some entertainment value.   Thanks for producing it!

5 minutes well worth spending!

A) First thing in the morning - I think of it as my way of "getting in tune" for another day in the office!   Thanks,

I read your fine publication every morning - usually before 11:00.   Keep us the great work.  

I try for (a), but sometimes, as it was today, it is (b) - or even (d). Currently, because of a really busy month in March that ended with a week of vacation, I have about 15 left over from March to read.   I will try to read one or two of those per day until I catch up.   I never just discard them, because sometimes I have found some very valuable information in some pretty old issues that I had not previously read.

a) First thing in the morning…that and the morning business section in the newspaper helps get me ready for the work day ahead…along with my first can of Diet Mountain Dew.

(a) first thing in the morning.   I look forward to it to start my day.  

Since I typically get to the office half an hour earlier than my colleagues and staff, I use that quiet time to read emails, including the PlanSponsor.   I particularly like reading the Friday Files early morning, makes me more tolerant of the stupid things my staff/kids/spouse/cat, etc. do.

b. - "after the morning rush"   (note that it is now almost 3 p.m.)

(i) Other - apparently later than 1 p.m. ET

(a) First thing every morning with my morning Diet Dr. Pepper

(A) First thing in the morning. I especially look forward to Friday morning and the Friday Files. 🙂

(a) first thing every morning.   I feel it is necessary prep for my business day.

In the office between 7:30 and 8:00 and I try to get all of my reading done first thing--by 9:00--and that includes that day's NewsDash.

A) - first thing every morning (after responding to any urgent coworker e-mails, of course).

a & i.   I always read in first thing in the morning if it's sitting in my in-box.   But there is always once or twice in the week where I find it in the in-box in the afternoon or it's a day or two late.   (which I am thinking the cause of this is because of my employer checking to make sure e-mails coming from outside don't' have viruses)

(a)      first thing every morning

My mental "cup of coffee" every day.

I open it every morning first thing and scan for essentials and skip down to the "Rules and Regulation."   If nothing is on fire, I close it and then read it again after the morning rush.

First thing in the morning, of course!   What better way to start the day?

First thing in the morning.  It's a good way to ease into a day filled with DC, DB, 401(k), 403(b), 457, COLI/BOLI, Group insurance, wholesalers, sales managers, brokers and last and surely not least - Plan Sponsors!

First thing in the morning barring any interruptions from someone who thinks that company specific benefits work may be more important to our bottom line.

B- after the morning rush - as you can see - it's now 11:00 am

(b) after the morning "rush"- assuming "rush" means "coffee".

If I get to read it at all, I read NewsDash one of the first things in the morning.

First thing in the morning, I always look forward to the Friday one!

I read the newsletter first thing in the morning as I get in early before most everyone else.   It's the only quiet time I have in the day and some days even that doesn't work.

My response is (a) first thing every morning, - Especially on Fridays for the Friday Files. I love reading and laughing aloud about the incredible, stupid, dumb things people do that result in arrest or physical harm to themselves. I never forward jokes or chain letters, but I sure do pass the Friday Files around to co-workers, family and friends by email.

I read the Plan Sponsor at varying times and have no set time or schedule. The good news is I do read it consistently and enjoy the format as well as the content.

Monday through Thursday I read it (b) after the morning "rush," however on Friday's the first thing I look for is the Friday Files to help me get through the day!

I usually read it after the morning rush when I feel like I want to take a break.   The exception - Fridays, as I can't wait to read the Friday Files!   Thanks -


It's the first thing I read in the morning, after I check out the

Dilbert for the day.

I usually read it early before putting my fire hat on.   Today was an exception as the desk was on fire when I got here.

Even though it's almost 11:00 today, I normally   read NewsDash (a) first thing every morning.   And since you send them out at 3 a.m   or 4 a.m. every morning they are always waiting for me.

Thanks and have a great day!

Usually (c) lunchtime

When nature calls, my Blackberry fires up

Usually by mid to late morning, except on Fridays, when I move you closer to the top of the priority list for the Friday Files.

I normally read NewsDash (b) after the morning "rush."   Starbucks and NewsDash and I'm ready to go!

I read it in the morning when I go through the rest of my email, first thing unless something pressing comes up.

If I do not read NewsDash first thing in the morning, it usually stacks up for a couple of days before I have a chance to catch upon my reading.   Have a great day!

Usually (b) after the morning rush, which could be first thing in the morning (after I've glanced through all the e-mails to see what might be urgent).

First thing in the morning - kind of gets my head going in the right direction

In the morning of course!

Your survey is sure to be biased, because the only people who will be able to respond by your 1pm cutoff will be the morning crowd (west coast like me) or morning/lunch crowd for you east coasters!

Reading NewsDash is part of my early-day ritual most mornings.   If I attempt to delay reading it until later in the day, I am invariably caught up in the day's work and miss that day's edition.

Definitely first thing in the morning.   If I wait until later, the meetings and phone calls start and I get caught up in the joys of working.   And who could stand to not start their day with such interesting articles, word play, and of course "Survey Says."

I read it (a) - first thing in the morning.   If I wait, I don't know if I'll ever get the chance again!

First thing in the morning before the phone starts to ring and before others are here.   The idea is to enjoy it while the news is still new!

Survey response: a) first thing in the morning. Gives me something relaxing and enjoyable to do while I eat my breakfast (and I can legitimately claim that it's work-related!).

Why let things stack up?

a) always read NewsDash first thing in the morning.   It I don't it will not get read based upon the volume of e-mails, responses and workload during the rest of the

Nevin - I read your news the first thing after my computer is up and running.    I also share work related articles (via email) to co-workers - always look forward to Plan Sponsor !!

Most often "a"; but occasionally "b" if there is a fire waiting for me upon my arrival at work.  

Survey - after the morning rush.

(a) first thing in the morning - helps me wake up and shake the cobwebs out of the brain since I'm not much of a "morning" person but just love reading the news.

(b) After the morning rush!!!

I try to read this email most morning while having breakfast at work.

I usually try to read it first thing in the morning.   If I am swamped, I read it midmorning.

A- first thing in the morning.    I get in at 7am and spend the first hour of the day on NewDash and other benefit sites.   Gets the day off to a good start.

a - definitely the first thing I read every morning.

I read it first thing in the morning before I get things started for the day....otherwise I would probably not get to it until days helps 'jump start' my day.   Have a great day.

Most days, I read NewsDash after the morning rush EXCEPT for on's always first thing.   I have to read the Friday Files!!

(i) Other. Our company's firewall limits the number of emails that can be received at any one time from a single source, so the NewsDashes have to be sent and re-sent till they all get through. Sometimes, I don't receive my copy till the end of the day, even though my neighbor received hers at the beginning of the day. Somedays, I don't receive them at all and then (like today) receive two right on top of each other. I typically read them as soon as I get them (especially if I'm in the middle of a boring conference call).

I read it (b) after the morning "rush," or whenever I have time during the day. Occasionally, two or three days-worth will stack up on me when I'm busy.

Survey says:    I generally start reading the NewsDash first thing in the morning, however I continually get interrupted so it's often noon before I finish reading.

Ideally (a), but more often (i) other since I don't always have the time to read it in the morning, it's anytime during the day that I can get to it. Sometimes it stacks up for a couple of days and I read several at a time.

A)   First thing in the morning.    Gets me going!

I usually read it first thing in the morning, except today.   I'm already over 3 hours into the day (this at 9:30 ET)

A) first thing every morning.   In fact I have made sure all of my co-workers and colleagues who do not work at EBRI are familiar with NewsDash.   In my opinion this is THE BEST single source of the latest information on ALL aspects of employee benefits.   Plus the "On this day" is an added bonus as I was a history major in college.

Are you kidding?????   A.) first thing in the morning.   There may be something in there that will make me look smart later in the day.

Keep up the good work.

I read the plan sponsor as soon as I get to work.

I read NewDash first thing in the morning.   If I do not get to it first thing, it gets filed and sometimes "lost" forever.

I read it first thing in the morning.   Otherwise, I would never get back to it.

(a)      first thing in the morning

  Thanks for your continuing objective, educational and entertaining (and best of all complimentary) coverage of the benefits world.   It's one of the highlights of my day!

The first thing in the morning with my first cup of coffee when I get to work and before the phones start ringing!

Usually first thing in the morning, after wading through all the other emails!  

I read your NewsDash the first thing in the morning while I'm having my coffee.  

Keep up the good work !

When I need intelligent conversation; usually early in the day.

Survey Says;   a) first thing in the morning.   Helps me start out he day while having that cup of coffee to get me going.


Except the weekends

I read in the morning with my cup of coffee.  

First thing each morning, when I do newsletters and coffee to get the day started.

A - First thing every morning

That's when I try and clear out my inbox, to find what items await me for the day...

My answer is "a", first thing every morning, unless I get caught up in something and have to wait until later in the morning.   But normally I shoot for "a", especially on Friday!

First thing in the morning—and I do enjoy it.   Your wordplay, early in the morning, is worth it!

a) first thing in the morning while drinking my coffee (as long as I am in the office)

I read NewsDash when I first come in each morning.   It's like reading the paper while enjoying a cup of coffee.

First Thing Every Morning-Wouldnt miss it, it is full of pertinent information.

I start my day with it! first thing I read in the morning.

A.   I like to start my day off right.

It really is split between A and B, but if I had to pick one, I would say B.