SURVEY SAYS: Who's Your Pick for Super Bowl XLV?

February 3, 2011 ( - Come Sunday, the nation will turn its attention (if not its TV/radio) to - the Super Bowl.   

This week, I asked readers a simple question; who are you supporting – the Packers, the Steelers, the commercials – or something else altogether?  And you know what?  It wasn’t even close. 

The favorite team of this week’s respondents?  The Green Bay Packers.

Just over half of this week’s respondents backed the Green and Gold; 28.7% outright, and another 22.4% said they were backing the Pack AND clapping for the commercials.

That compares with only about one-in-ten (9.8%) who said they would be “screaming for the Steelers”, along with another 13.3% that said they would be screaming for the Steelers AND clapping for the commercials. 

As for the rest, 14.7% said they’d be clapping for the commercials (only), and another 11.2% said they would be doing something (anything!) else!

Whoever you find your self pulling for (and for why – see ), you have to love the enthusiasm accompanying the verbatim responses this week (and every week, of course).  So, here’s a generous sampling – not to mention MY favorites (and Editor’s Choice) at the end: 

Pittsburgh has overcome many obstacles this season and it’s great to see them finish by making it to the Superbowl.  Although I'm a diehard Steelers fan, it is really hard to dislike the Packers - at all.  Both teams have great staff and management and really play football, regardless of the outcome, it will be a terrific game to watch!  GO STEELERS!

Born and raised in Wisconsin!!.    Rooting for our beloved Packers, and our new hero Aaron Rodgers.  Brett, who?

If the Pats are not in the Super Bowl, I mostly go to the party for the chips and salsa 😀 But I will root (quietly) for Green Bay because, after all, how can you not feel at least a little sympathy for people who think cheese is wearing apparel?

I hope the commercials are better than last year.  I think the ingenuity has been on a decline, at least certainly the humor has.

Born and raised in Wisconsin so backin' the Pack all the way, baby!  However, I did watch the Steelers with my mom growing up (Franco Harris and Lynn Swann were our favorites), so it's pretty cool that the Pack is playing that team on Sunday!!

From Wisconsin....'nuf said!

I like football, but I can see why many people don't get into it. Too many commercial breaks! Hopefully the commercials this year will more funny than crude.

One day a year where men can really understand how women feel about Lifetime Network.  Women watch movies on lifetime 365 days and on Super Bowl Sunday, men can finally relate to our obsession with Lifetime.

More than 1200 miles from Pittsburgh, I was able to obtain a six-pack of Iron City Beer so I am ready to celebrate another Superbowl victory!  Go Stillers!

Get a Life!

I am really not interested in either the game or the commercials.  There are far better things to do that day.

The commercials are not interesting any more, the game is way too hyped, the tickets are so expensive.  I feel that I am being told I "have" to like the Super Bowl...I really don't care.

This is the only television program I watch where I actually pay more attention when the commercials come on! Some of the commercials are very well done. 

I'm more excited about The Blackeyed Peas halftime show than the game or the commercials.

While I enjoy watch a good football game as much as the next female, I really care more about the commercials.  I saw a great Bud Light commercial with 2 dogs in it on U-Tube recently.  Maybe they will be showing that one during the superbowl. It was great.  And I'm always looking for what the Budweiser horses are up to.  Can't wait...

The commercials have grown steadily worse over the used to be originality and a competition to grab the viewers' attention. Now, all the commercials do is carry on lame running plot lines and characters from ads they've been showing all year. And the worst is when they tel you to log on to their website to see what happens!! Give me a break...I'm watching the Super Bowl and I have the time (or care) to log onto their website to see the end of a commercial??!! Does anybody actually do that?

I recently read that NFL players have a very high rate of declaring bankruptcy. And to think most of them "went" to college.

Not a fan of Big Ben or his womanizing. Besides, the Steelers have already won two of the last five Superbowls and the Packers have not won one in a long time.

Game and commercials are fun....but I rarely watch the game if the few teams I care about aren't in...unless it's to cheer against Dallas, if they ever make it back again.  If you have a crowd, it's always fun and the game is a side note.

I am a Wisconsin girl, born and raised.  So excited that Rodgers will have the opprotunity to set out of Farve's shadow.  GO PACK!

Having a party--because Super Bowl Sunday has become a 'holiday' reason to get people together.  Those who care watch the game downstairs.  There's a TV upstairs for those who'd rather just visit  and occasionally check the game and/or watch the commercials.

When you live and work in Pittsburgh there is only ONE goal, SUPER BOWL.

Maybe I'll just watch "Storm of the Century" instead!

The commercials are the best part!  Halftime will be good, too.  Bring back the Budweiser clydesdales playing football! 

Living in Wisconsin makes the Packers my favorite team and I am definitely rooting for them in the Super Bowl. But the championship game when they beat the Bears was the game most of the people up here wanted to watch. The Super Bowl would be icing on the cake.

I enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.  It's a great day to go to the mall and browse the stores without a lot of crowds.  Restaurant's with no TV are usually a great place to go as well.  Of course it is also a good day because after it's over we will have some time free from the boredom of the game.

I was looking forward to my Bears against the Jets.   Tired of the same old teams.   Bring on the commercials!!

I am mathematically eliminated from our work pool even though I have the Steelers winning against the Packers in the Super Bowl. (Dang those Jets!)  This year, I'll be just enjoying the game with my friends!

I will never understand why so many people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. The main reason I have a DVR is so I can fast-forward through the commercials of any given TV program, so why on earth would I want to watch some silly football game just to see some commercials that we will end up seeing hundreds of times over the coming months anyway?

I'll get up Monday morning, turn on my radio, and say "oh, was that yesterday?"

Living in North Texas, this is a huge opportunity for us and it gives us great pride to watch and participate in all the hoopla of the Super Bowl!

The Packers are just not the same without Brett Favre, but they are still my team!  Erin Rogers is growing on me, but he doesn't look like he's having as much fun as Brett did.  Anyway... Go Pack!

Frankly, I don't care which team wins and I'm not sure that I want to waste all that time just to view some interesting commercials.

Is it baseball season yet?

I know not everyone who lives in the Packer's frozen tundra territory is a Packer fan but for me, there was just no other choice.  I lived in northern Wisconsin in the days when Brett Favre and company went to the Super Bowl twice.  It was huge fun for the community as we backed the Pack.  I will miss being there to enjoy all the hype this year but I will not miss the SNOW!  Now I live in area where there is no "home team" and people back the Steelers, the Eagles or the Ravens predominately or, how could I have forgotten this - Penn State's Nittany Lions. Looking forward to a resounding win by the Packers but trying to prepare for the worse.  I will be glued to the set.

It amazes me how fascinated this country is with the Superbowl.  It really is the U.S' number 1 sports event.  I watch for the commercials as much as for the game itself.  Plus, my most interesting observation: this is one of the few times where it is acceptable for men to openly express their emotions

I am so glad to see my Packers in the SB.  I was so tired of the media constantly talking about Rodgers v Favre - hey, we're all over it, why can't they be - and how Rodgers isn't an elite quarterback because of his post-season record.  Well, a great QB rating, going to the SB in his third season and a real class act besides, that's elite to me.  Besides, how many teams lose a very good portion of their starting lineup to injuries and still make it due to the outstanding performance of rookies?  Go Pack Go!

It't the only time of the year that I am left alone.  I relish the "me" time.

"The game is great, partly because it marks the end of all of the pre-game Superbowl hype.  Championship games are always a big deal, but we go a bit overboard when it comes to thsi one. 

At the same time, the end of the game is kind of sad because it marks the end of another season, and six months of not much worth watching on TV."

I like both teams and don't really care who wins.  I do watch for the commercials too but mostly for the game.


Here are my favorites:

Have you see the prop bets?  over/under on # of times the announcers mention Brett Favre's long Christina Aguilera holds out "Brave" in the national anthem.  People will bet on anything.

Should be an exciting game, but more importantly, once it's over, it's officially baseball season!!!

The only way a Maryland resident would root for the Steelers is if they were playing Duke!  GO PACK!

The Steelers are climbing the stairway to 7!  I'd like to see them have 7 Lombardis', one for each day of the week.

"Why, oh why, do they have this game on Sunday evening???  Saturday night would be a far superior choice.  For those who want to party - no hangover concerns for Monday morning (at least not because of the timing of the game).  For those who would like to be out of town to enjoy this game with family and friends JUST ONCE without having to take a day of vacation.

And finally, my sister made a typing error in a family e-mail, so this year and forever more this event is known as the Superb Owl in our family."

Anything is better than the pro-bowl...even Heidi.

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said, “It's a tough game to watch cause I don't want to go to the bathroom or to the fridge cause I don't want to miss the commercials.  And straight through its four hours! How sick is that?”