SURVEY SAYS: Will You Be Watching the Royal Nuptials?

April 28, 2011 ( - Tomorrow, of course, “the Royal Wedding” will take place, as Prince William and Catherine Middleton tie the knot. 

This week I asked readers if you planned to watch it – any of it – live or otherwise.

Well, first off – those planning to watch it live will need to get up early.  “Coverage” here in the States will start about 4 a.m.  Not that you’ll have much to watch but talking heads at that point.  Oh, there’ll doubtless be plenty of pans of the crowd, and cameras anxiously focused on the various members of the families departing (Prince Charles and Camilla are slated to leave Clarence Hall at “about” 10:38 a.m. London Time, about 5:38 ET, for instance).

The service itself is slated to begin at 11:00 a.m. local time (6 a.m. ET), and the newlyweds should be back on their way to Buckingham Palace by 12:15 local (7:15 a.m. ET).

Those interested can find a schedule at  In fact, they say you’ll be able to watch the whole thing there, if you’ve a mind to.

Though – for my money, I think this version is (still) pretty funny.   

Now – as for who’ll be watching…. 

Believe it or not, nearly 14% (13.9%) said they plan to watch it live – and that number, while somewhat stronger among the earliest respondents (let’s face, it, they’re probably up that early most days), stayed pretty consistent throughout. 

Only about half that number (7.9%) said they would watch it – recorded, while a full one-in-five (19.8%) said that they would watch PARTS of it…later.

Another 15.8% said they would watch it – “but only because I can't escape the coverage.”

On the other hand…

A nearly equal 15.7% said they probably wouldn’t watch it, and roughly a quarter (24.8%) responded “definitely not!”.

The remaining 2% - hadn’t decided.

Oh, but the fun was – as it often is with our surveys - in the comments you shared: 

Hey, it's either get caught up in the fairy tale of the Royal Wedding or deal with the reality of the Obama Administration's efforts to destroy America!

I only chose probably but I do not know yet if the Mrs. will force me to watch it! Good thing I can escape down to the man cave and flip on some NBA playoffs!

Amazed by how many people actually care.  I would rather watch re-runs of Leave it to Beaver.

Would be nice if people left the young couple alone.

Just one thing - who cares?

It gives us hope for a happy ending to a fairy tale. Those of us who hoped to find our Prince Charming, but instead ended up with frogs, can have vicarious pleasure at watching a fairy tale story unfold.

I think American's are fascinated with fairy tales.  We're raised with them, there are movies - Cinderella, Enchanted, etc, so, of course, we're going to be glued to the Royal Wedding.

How long will it take for a bridezilla to say she wants a wedding like Will and Kate's?

What a colossal waste of time to celebrate - or even follow - this in America.  Why are we such a country of star chasers (or wannabes)?


The Wall To Wall coverage has been unbelievable.  If Monty Python were still around, they could do a great sketch on Extreme Royal Voyeurism -- "tonight we bring you live coverage from the royal honeymoon suite where the next monarch of England will be conceived..."

I watched live broadcast of the wedding of Diana to Prince Charles and I will do the same for their son's nuptials.  Royal weddings are the reality TV for fairy tales.  To quote Disney's Cinderella, "So this is love..."

A complete waste of time and money on all accounts.

Long live the Queen!

I don't get the fascination with the whole thing.  I just hope Catherine doesn't suffer the same fate as Lady Di.

I think we have had SO much bad news about wars, weather, the economy, etc., it will be a pleasant interlude to watch something fun and (hopefully) happy!

"I have wondered why Americans are so fascinated by the Royals.  I think many Brits are tired of supporting a dowdy old lady and her crazy relatives. In truth, it is a bit silly.  None of them would have likely amounted to much more than dedicated public servants in the military were not for the accident of genetics and their birth.  At the same time, it was Elizabeth's ancestors who negotiated the current state of affairs so that the monarchy remains in all of its pomp and circumstance but has no real power. 

So many people need a life, including network TV anchors.  (But I'll watch because the couple appear to have some normal tendencies)


Such a fairy tale life.

How can you refuse when your 95 year old grandmother asks you over to watch TV at 3:00 in the morning?  "Oh, so sorry .. but I'm to old to stay up that late"  doesn't work !!

I watch Princess Diana's marriage, but not much interested in this coupling.

When I was twelve I got up at three o'clock in the morning to watch Charles and Diana get married.  This time around I'll be staying in bed since I have to work on Friday but I'll be catching as much coverage as I can in the evening.  I think it's the fairytale component of a prince marrying a 'commoner' that fascinates me.  But I do hope that William and Kate's marriage will stand the test of time.  They seem like they have a much better foundation for a lasting marriage than Will's parents did.

Only "probably" because I probably won't be able to escape it as I channel surf...maybe if I just stick to the various ESPN channels???

Yes, I'm tune in to see her gown, but that's about it.

Are you <bleep>in' kidding me?  Are there really people who care?  WHY?

It's a novelty for the Americans...we are all programmed to have fantasies about princes and princesses as a make believe circumstance and here is a girl becoming a real live princess. It's only natural that we would want to watch.

I hope they'll be happy and I hope all the cost to the British people for this extravaganza is worth it to them.

I really do not understand why anyone really cares (both in the US and in GB).


Ah Kate, I hope for your sake that the [eight year] wait was worth it.  But if I were you, I'd wouldn't have accepted Diana's engagement ring as my ring.  That ring was the symbol of a marriage based on false expectations and then heart ache.  At least have the damn thing exorcised.

I do not understand the fascination with the wedding. Frankly, I find it all a great waste of time and rather boring.

How much productivity will be lost as a result of this event being broadcast live.....

Did you think it strange that POTUS postponed the space shot from April 19 to April 29, and furthermore I understand that liftoff will roughly coincide with the time of the Royal Wedding, and he and his wife and children are expected to witness the space shot in person. (What does he have against the Brits., having already sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to England as one of his first acts as President.)

Way, Way, Way too many talking heads have been straining for ANYTHING to talk about that differentials themselves from the rest of the 1000+ talking heads.  The subject topics are downright stupid.  All of this build-up is like listening to the color commentator on a US Football game telling me what I just saw with my perfectly focused own eyes!  Shut up already and let us watch without all of your background BS.


My favorites were:


Prince who?  Cathy who?  I don't remember getting an invitation but I'm sure my wife sent a gift if we did.

It may not be as entertaining than watching The Donald attempt to fire the Hawaii Department of Health, but it’s just as relevant (meaning neither is).

It's fun to watch, but I wouldn't get up at 4AM to see it live.

I guess the one thing to remember is that these folks are, supposedly, related all the way back to William the Conqueror.  But then again, perhaps a large chunk of people can also trace their lineage back that far if they had the resources, right ;-)"

Enough already.

It is a once in a generation event, considering the last one was 30 years ago.  And since the British are clearly our best friend in the world, we should acknowledge and be considerate of their traditions.

"The only way I might consider watching that drivel is if there were any chance that Charlie Sheen would burst into the middle of the ceremony in a drug addled stupor, punch Prince Billy in face, confess his love for Kate and run off with the bride-to-be to start a reality show based on their adventures selling ""The Real Royal Wedding(Kate and Charlie)"" souvenirs from a Winnebago throughout the American mid-west.  Now THAT would be worth getting up early for."

 I'd rather read the entire PPACA (which, if we had a runner-up for Editor’s Choice, this would have been it).

That said, this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who noted, It just shows you can put on a beautiful wedding in with only 3 months planning....”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey (and those of you reading it now!)