SURVEY SAYS: Year-Round Temperature Choice

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “If it did not have a bad effect on nature, what temperature range would you prefer for the entire year?”

The majority of responding readers (62.1%) chose 70 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Coming in second was “I like the mix of temperatures” (13.6%), while 12.1% selected 60 to 69 and 10.6% chose 80 to 89. A scant 1.5% selected “below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Among those who left comments, some suggested other ranges—for example, 65 to 75. Some suggested we keep all seasons but change the length of time certain seasons last, and others included when it should snow or rain. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I enjoy each of the seasons. I even like winter weather, but what I don’t like is how it gets dark early in the winter. Nothing worst then in the winter months when leaving home to go to work in the dark and coming home in the evening in the dark.”

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey!


I think the differing temperatures/seasons/weather helps us to appreciate the nicer ones more.

I don't want to have to move to get my most favorite temperature range. Choices, choices, hmmm.

Southern California beach weather would be my go to. Mild and sunny with a light breeze.

Although some dispute this, the level of humidity does make a difference! I don't like hot temps with high humidity!

The thing I miss most when summer ends is sitting on my front porch in the beautiful Colorado summer evenings.

the best mix is the best of each season - a nice warm summer, a cold (but not too cold) winter, a true fall and a pleasant spring.

I'd love for it to be in the 70s all year, with low humidity.

But there should be regions of temperatures so that we could visit hot or cold areas as the whim takes us. A world without skiing or surfing would be sad indeed!

Living in CA, this is a pretty easy range to prefer. My husband calls me a "hot house tomato" because I get easily cold or hot when outside of this range.

Perfect San Diego weather - 75 and sunny!!

I do like the change of seasons...but...if I could have it snow in the mornings during the winter and be 75 degrees by the afternoon...that would be great.

San Diego / Santa Barbara

While I am not located in the proper latitudinal location for this to occur, my temperature preference is for it start cooling off in November, become cold and snowy in December, and then after the Superbowl the temp should increase to 70 and continue upwards from there until summer.

For clarity prefer daily highs no less than 70 and no greater than 90.

Verbatim (cont.) 

I'd love to have a couple of weeks of hot summer, a couple of weeks of cold and snow, and the rest of the year between 60 and 80 degrees.

I'd really like 75 - 83 with temps from about 55- 60 at night for sleeping. I'd be ok with about 2 weeks of cold weather (30s) with a little snow for Christmas, and 2 weeks of hot weather (90s) just to help make sure I appreciate the temps during the rest of the year.

I live in Miami and the 6-8 months of 70-79 are the best. It's window weather.

Being in an office so many days, so many years -- I would like to have year-round access to, and be outside in, good, warm weather.

While I do like the change of seasons, I hate the snow. I would be happy with one month of Winter from Christmas through January, 2 months of fall and spring and 7 months of summer.

I love the Fall but it is way too short here in the Midwest.

I do like having all four seasons along with the change of temperatures, but I really dislike extreme temperatures. I do not like being cold and I really do not like being sweaty. I also do not like the darkness of winter.

Yep, I agree. The blurred line between summer and fall is my favorite time, too.

As a Minnesotan, I enjoy the change of seasons and find something to enjoy in each of them I think it would be boring to live where the weather was the same year-round, like San Diego. That said, I'd be happiest if the temperature never dropped below zero or went above 85.

Sunshine makes any temperature feel better.

You didn't have my choice listed, which would be 65 to 75. Not too cold and not too hot as far as I'm concerned.

This summer was unbelievably hot and humid ruining bike riding and soaking in the hot tub and just about any other outside activity. This past winter was unbelievably cold ruining soaking in the hot tub. Below 20 degrees, noses and ears are just too cold for the tub. I need a more temperate climb. Sigh.

I live in Maine and love the change of seasons, except of course when it is too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and too in between in spring and fall.

I would actually prefer 55 - 68 with it raining every day from 2:30 am until 3:30 am. The day should be slightly cloudy. I ride a motorcycle and this would be perfect for riding.

I enjoy each of the seasons. I even like winter weather but what I don't like is how it gets dark early in the winter. Nothing worst then in the winter months when leaving home to go to work in the dark and coming home in the evening in the dark.


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