Survey Sees 2003 Job-Changing Upswing

December 23, 2002 ( - Hiring managers could see a fair amount of turnover because of dissatisfied workers who now say they plan to change jobs in 2003, a study said.

A survey by the employment Web site found that 35% of workers plan to change jobs in 2003.   Some 32% of workers rated their prospects for landing a new assignment next year as strong. said the key issues motivating the job-swapping workers to go back into the job market included:

  • working under a layoff threat, 73%
  • a lack of career advancement opportunities with their current employer, 59%
  • dissatisfaction with pay, 58%
  • overall dissatisfaction with their jobs, 38%
  • less job security in 2002 versus 2001, 36%.

The survey, “On the Job 2002,” was conducted online from October 23 to December 5, 2002 of more than 2,200 survey respondents, including hourly and salaried workers.