Survey: Stay-At-Home Moms Get 3% Raise in 2007

May 3, 2007 ( - If stay-at-home moms were paid for their labor, they would bring in about $138,095 each year, and working moms would bring in about $85,900, according's annual survey.

The survey of about 40,000 mothers found that the time mothers spend performing 10 job functions in 2007 is a 3% increase over last year’s salary of $134,121 (See Report: Stay at Home Moms Due 2% Raise), but still below employers’ prediction of 3.9% in annual pay increases. The survey also found the moms work about 52 hours in overtime.

According to the survey, stay-at-home moms work a 92 hour “workweek” with more than half her time spent on the job considered overtime. Working moms, however, logged over nine hours of overtime for an average 49-hour workweek beyond their full time paying jobs.

The ten job titles that best matched a mom’s definition of her work are (in order of hours spent per week):

  • housekeeper,
  • day care center teacher,
  • cook,
  • computer operator,
  • laundry machine operator,
  • janitor,
  • facilities manager,
  • van driver,
  • CEO, and
  • psychologist.

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