Talent Attraction, Employee Morale Major Concerns for Executives in 2005

January 25, 2005 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Over half of global executives think that the inability to attract and retain the best talent and low worker morale are in their top 10 list of threats to business in 2005.

When asked to pick their top 10 threats to business in the New Year, the health of the economy was the most prominent selection at 74%, followed by competition (72%) and reputation (64%). Following these though were the inability to attract and retain the top talent (53%) and low employee morale (50%).

The ranking of these two HR-related factors varied by region, with German executives ranking them lower than the average (43% and 45% respectively). Spanish executives, however, consider talent attraction (73%) and worker morale (77%) to be a top priority. By comparison, Spanish executives ranked the health of the economy lower (74%) than worker morale.

In America, there was not as much deviation from the average, with the inability to attract and retain talent cited by 62% of those polled, and low morale by 46%.

The survey, conducted by Accenture , took its data from over 900 interviews with senior executives.