Target Date Fund Benchmarking Site Launched

November 8, 2007 ( - Target Date Analytics (TDA) has launched a new Web site that benchmarks target date lifecycle funds.

According to an announcement by TDA, contents of the new site include:

  • Articles and white papers that describe TDA’s methodologies and backtests of TDA’s results,
  • Free index returns on the three TDA Pure Target Date Series as well as a Peer index,
  • Free categorizations of target-date mutual funds as Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive, and
  • Free MPT measures of target-date mutual fund performance, namely alpha, beta, and R-squared relative to the appropriate TDA pure index.

More information is at .

TDA is an effort by Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D., an Associate Professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University; Joseph C. Nagengast, president of Turnstone Advisory Group LLC; and Ronald J. Surz president of PPCA, Inc. and principal of RCG LLP. Nagengast co-authored PLANSPONSOR’s Popping the Hood II, a comprehensive analysis of target-date funds, available at .