TD AMERITRADE Introduces New Roth IRA Resources

January 6, 2010 ( - TD AMERITRADE has unveiled a new series of IRA-focused tools and resources it says are "to help investors better understand how the new 2010 Roth IRA modifications may impact their retirement investments."

According to a press release, the new resources include:


  • A Roth Conversion Analyzer tool that can help clients make more informed decisions about whether or not converting to a Roth IRA is appropriate for them;
  • In-depth answers to frequently asked questions on tax implications;
  • An online chat capability prepared to address clients’ IRA conversion questions with immediate responses;
  • Support and guidance from a dedicated group of Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors; and
  • A professional version of the Roth Conversion Analyzer tool, created specifically for the company’s registered investment adviser clients, to assist them in answering their clients’ more in-depth questions.



TD AMERITRADE explained that prior to the 2010 tax year, investors with modified adjusted gross incomes of more than $100,000 were ineligible for such a conversion, but this year the stipulation has been removed.

A recent TD AMERITRADE survey found 44% of respondents who have a retirement savings account that could be converted to a Roth IRA said they are still undecided on the matter, and 45% of that group said their indecisiveness is because they need more information (see Investors Want More Infor before Converting to Roth IRA).

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