TD Waterhouse Unveils Retirement Planning Site

November 29, 2001 ( - TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. has introduced the TD Waterhouse Retirement Advisor, a free online service providing retirement planning tools and resources.

The Retirement Advisor, accessible from the Planning section of TD Waterhouse’s Web site, offers information and interactive tools that address the financial and non-financial issues facing retirees.

The site divides the retirement planning process into three sections.


The first section, Making a Plan, offers interactive tools to help investors in the early stage of retirement planning, including:

  • retirement planning basics
  • social security
  • net worth
  • savings calculators
  • a calculator that determines the costs of delaying the retirement savings process and the benefits associated with saving early.

Decisions, Decisions

The section Decision Day provides information for those about to retire. This section includes:

  • a retirement readiness test and checklist
  • a relocation scout
  • estate tax, social security benefit and life and disability insurance calculators.

Golden Years

The final section, Living Retirement, provides retirees information on:

  • managing retirement income
  • relocation
  • healthy living in retirement
  • travel opportunities, hobbies, and volunteering

To provide calculators, content and other interactive planning tools for the Retirement Advisor, TD Waterhouse partnered with Universal Pensions, Inc., Financial Visions; and, Inc.