Tech Skills Tops Grad Pay

April 10, 2001 ( - Engineering and computer science majors got the best-paid jobs, according to the Census Bureau - or at least they did in 1996.

The report, issued today, found that those graduating from college with an engineering degree made an average of $4,680 a month in 1996, more than the $4,416 per month paid to those with degrees related to computer work.

Education majors earned the least in the survey, averaging just $2,802 a month in 1996. The data were the latest available and based on a survey separate from the 2000 census.

Workers with bachelor’s degrees in engineering made $1,472 more a month than workers with associate’s degrees in engineering.

However, those with college degrees in social sciences earned just $632 per month more than those in the workforce with associate’s degrees in the same field.

Over the last 20 years the nation has become better educated, with 31% of Americans, 18 and older, graduating with college degrees, up from 21% in 1984.

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