Technology and Product Innovation Most Appreciated by Senior Execs

March 28, 2008 ( - Senior level executives and those working in communications, utility and transportation companies get the most satisfaction from their company's innovation in products and technology, while professional and high-tech employees get the least satisfaction, a recent survey suggests.

According to a press release , the survey of 81 companies by attitude research specialists Sirota Survey Intelligence looked at how employment rank and sector affects how employees look at innovation at their companies.

In terms of employment rank and satisfaction level, the survey found:

  • 74% of senior-level executives are satisfied;
  • 70% of lower-level managers are satisfied;
  • 70% of non-professional, non-management employees are satisfied;
  • 69% of mid-level managers are satisfied;
  • 62% of professional employees are satisfied.

“While the satisfaction of lower- and mid-level managers with the innovation of their companies falls somewhere in the middle, professional employees are clearly the least satisfied” said Douglas Klein, president of Sirota, in the release. “This may be a cause for concern, since professionals are the ones most responsible for the development of new ideas that lead to practical product and service innovations.”

In terms of industry and satisfaction, the survey found that:

  • 82% of communication/transportation/utilities employees are satisfied;
  • 76% of financial services employees are satisfied;
  • 75% of insurance employees are satisfied;
  • 73% of employees in retail are satisfied;
  • 68% of employees in the services sector are satisfied;
  • 64% of employees in manufacturing are satisfied; and
  • 52% of employees in high-technology are satisfied.