Telecommuting Looms Large In Job Decision

August 18, 2003 ( - More than eight out of 10 (84%) job seekers rate the ability to work from home a few days a week or full time as important when looking for a new job.

Most of the job seekers (80%) feel as if the ability to telecommute would make them more productive in their current jobs. For nearly half (47%), that contention is based on their current situation, with 41% chipping in at least 20 hours a week at their own casa, according to a survey by TrueCareers.

When asked about the reasons for telecommuting:

  • 43% – say telecommuting offers more flexible work hours
  • 24% –say working at home allows for more time with their families
  • 19% – say telecommuting saves time and money on traditional commutes to work.

The survey was conducted on the Web site of TrueCareers, a subsidiary of the SallieMae Foundation in July 2003.