Teleworkers Keep Companies Running

August 23, 2005 ( - AT&T Corp. tracking employees' telework patterns for the past 10 years found that those that work from home are more productive than office workers.

Ninety percent of AT&T’s management employees work from home at least some of the time, while 30% of them work completely from home, and other workers have the ability to spend days at home on an as-needed basis, according to the Washington Post. AT&T found advantages to these arrangements.

During inclement weather and disasters, telecommuters are still able to work. During the Florida hurricanes employees were able to work from home because they had fully set-up offices there.

Companies also save on costs on office space. AT&T said it saved $34 million in real estate costs last year because of its remote workforce.

Other companies recognize the benefits of teleworkers, according to the Post.JetBlue Airways Corp. has 900 work-at-home reservation agents, and Office Depot Inc. is closing many of its call centers this year to instead have its employees work from home.