Temp Positions Seen as Lead to Permanent Work

August 4, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A survey from the American Staffing Association (ASA) finds temporary workers are positive about their temp experience, with many seeing it as good skills training and a lead for a permanent position.

Forty-nine percent of employees surveyed said getting a permanent job was a leading factor in their decision to work as a temp, according to an ASA summary on the survey. Of the survey participants who remained in the work force but were not on a temporary assignment at the time of the survey, 53% had taken a permanent job. Of that group, 43% became employed by their staffing firm’s customer, ASA said.

More than 88% of those surveyed said their experience made them more employable by helping them de­velop new or improved skills and receive on-the-job ex­perience, according to the summary. Twenty percent attributed their enhanced skill levels to specific training provided by their staffing firm.

One in five respondents said that flexible work time, choice of assignments, or having time for family were major factors in their decision to become a temporary worker.

Overall, around 90% of respondents reported satisfaction with various measures of their temporary work experience – far exceeding satisfaction levels from surveys of the total US workforce, ASA pointed out.

ASA’s survey also recorded responses on pay and benefits levels and satisfaction levels of temporary workers in various industry sectors. The full survey results are available at www.americanstaffing.net .