Thomas Murray Enhances Reporting on Custodians

June 22, 2006 ( - UK custody rating firm Thomas Murray is adding Spitalfields Advisors Limited's securities lending performance analysis to its quarterly custodian rating and operational benchmarking report (PROBE).

The enhanced PROBE report will allow pension funds, asset managers and other institutional investors to monitor the performance of custodians in respect to securities lending and the risk associated with the activity, a company news release said.

“We will now be able to provide an independent securities lending benchmarking service as an optional component to our existing custodian rating and operational benchmarking product, PROBE,” said Joanne Parker, Director of Thomas Murray Investor Services, in the release. “Clients have been keen to have us provide analysis of their securities lending activity, taking into account such things as utilization, the percentage of total return from securities lending, opportunity cost of not taking any action, peer group rankings and the risks associated with securities lending,” she added.

Access to the firm’s product is only available by subscription. More information is here .