Top Execs and Employees Agree CEOs are Overpaid

December 19, 2007 ( - More than three quarters (77%) of employees surveyed by say that CEOs are overpaid, and 64% of top executives agree.

A press release on the first-of-its-kind CEO Report Card said that while both groups agree on the issues of CEO salary, employees and executives have different perceptions of management ability. Half of execs say their leadership style is effective, but only one third of employees agree.

While 64% of CEOs describe themselves as “engaged,” just 35% of employees indicated they feel good ideas successfully bubble up through the organization to the attention of the CEOs, the release said.

Other key findings of the survey include:

  • Only 24.8% of employees say CEOs “tend to be unethical.”
  • Nearly 70% of executives are satisfied with their performance, but only 45% of employees say their leaders are doing a good job. Employees identified communication and leadership style as the largest weaknesses.
  • Most executives say that they most value integrity when evaluating their employees, however only 27% of employees think this is true. Employees say that delivering results is what matters most when they are evaluated.
  • One in three executives say that CEOs get picked on by the media and are underappreciated for the responsibility they shoulder, while 75% of employees disagree.

The CEO Report Card survey was conducted via email among registered users June 11-18, 2007. A total of 1,572 surveys were completed.

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