Total Value of Stock Mutual Funds Top $5 Trillion in February

March 21, 2005 ( - Total US stock mutual fund value topped $5 trillion for the first time ever in February, with $29.5 billion flowing into stock and mixed-equity funds in the second month of 2005.

Over 50% of total stock inflows went into world equity funds, continuing a trend of international investment spurred by concerns over diversity and a falling dollar, according to Lipper, a market analyst. Also of note is the $2.2 billion that flowed into natural resource funds, which, when compared to assets in the category, tops the rate of flow into technology just before the tech bust of 2000.

Funds that mirrored the S&P 500 did not fair well on the month, however. Despite a rising stock market, funds that mirrored the index had outflows of $200 million, according to Lipper.

Of the total $29.5 billion inflow, stock funds received $21 billion, while mixed-equity funds had inflows of $8.5 billion. Bond funds had inflows of $3.7 billion, while money market saw the exit of $14.9 billion.

According to Lipper, value stock funds remained very strong compared to growth funds. Overall, most the inflows were income oriented, with world equity and mixed-equity funds being the two foci of motion on the month.