Transamerica Unveils Online Advice Offering

October 7, 2002 ( - Transamerica Retirement Services has unveiled a new online advice offering - and it's free.

According to a company press announcement, its AdviceSolutions product is offered to client plans at no additional cost.

The company said Advice Solutions analyzes data from the participant’s retirement plan and other investments and savings information, forecasts the future value of the person’s retirement assets, and prepares a customized asset allocation strategy.

Transamerica said the product’s key features include:

  • the “Life Summary Timeline” illustrating income, expenses, retirement data, and potential life expectancy
  • the “Personal Profile Model” depicting how potential future events will affect participants’ long-term savings goals
  • an interactive graph charting various “What If” scenarios to show how different investment and life choices will affect participants’ retirement savings
  • online chat and co-browsing features allowing participants to chat with and view the same information as a live representative.