TRIVIAL PURSUITS: The Two Who Wouldn't Talk About the St. Valentine's Day Massacre

February 8, 2011 ( - On February 14, 1929 a group of gangster Al Capone’s men dressed as police officers entered gangster Bugs Moran's headquarters in Chicago.

Capone’s men lined up seven of Moran’s men against a wall (they thought he was one of them), and – well, that became what was known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

When the real police arrived, they found two survivors, but they couldn’t get them to talk about the incident; one couldn’t – one wouldn’t.  Do you know who they were – and why?

Answer: A German shepherd named Highball, and Frank Gusenberg. 

Perhaps needless to say, Highball wasn’t much help to police, but asked by police who shot him, Gusenberg replied “”No one, nobody shot me.”  This despite the fourteen bullet wounds that would lead to his demise three hours later.