TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Who Ended the Beatles Streak in 1964?

May 10, 2011 ( - Following the ascension of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to #1 status in early February 1964, the Beatles held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for three and a half solid months—longer than any popular artist before or since. 

From that point in time till May 9, the Fab Four earned three consecutive #1 singles (a record); held all five spots in the top five in early April (a record); and had a total of 14 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 in mid-April (yet another record). 

But then that reign was ended by one of the least likely American stars imaginable.  Who was it/them? 

Answer:  Louis Armstrong

Yes, on May 9, 1964, the great Louis Armstrong, age 63, broke the Beatles’ stranglehold on the U.S. pop charts with the #1 hit “Hello Dolly.” 

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