TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Who Had the Last #1 Hit of the Pre-Beatles Era?

January 4, 2011 ( - On this day in 1964, sitting atop the Billboard charts was what was arguably the last #1 single of the pre-Beatles era.

As it turned out it was the third #1 single for this artist in a span of 18 months.  Can you name the artist?  And the song?

Answer:  The artist was Bobby Vinton (a.k.a. “the Polish Prince”).  The song, “There! I’ve Said Again.” 

The song was on top of the list for four weeks – before it was bumped by “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”  In fact, when this dropped off, The Beatles came on for 14 weeks, with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” (7 weeks), “She Loves You” (2 weeks), and “Can’t Buy Me Love” (5 weeks).

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