TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Who Served Two Presidents as Vice President?

December 28, 2010 ( - On this day in 1832, John C. Calhoun became the first vice president in U.S. history to resign the office. 
However, he was not only the first vice president to resign the office, he was also one of only two men to hold that office under two different U.S. Presidents.  Who was the other man?

Answer:  George Clinton, who was the first Governor of New York, and then the Vice President of the United States under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. 

As for Calhoun, in addition to serving as Vice President in the presidencies of John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, he served in the House of Representatives (1810–1817) and the United States Senate (1832–1843; 1845–1850). He was appointed Secretary of War (1817–1824) under James Monroe and Secretary of State (1844–1845) under John Tyler.