Trustmark Enhances Voluntary Dental Benefit

April 20, 2006 ( - Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions has announced enhancements to its Voluntary Group Dental product including a new Passive PPO, two additional PPO plans, and new features.

Under the new Passive PPO, insureds can visit any dentist, but can lower cost by using one of the 67,000 network providers, the announcement said.   Also, one of the new PPO plans covers major services at 60%.

In addition, a new Rollover Benefit feature allows insureds who do not use all of their maximum benefit in a given year to roll over a portion of their benefit to the next year, according to the announcement.   A new Deductible Carryover feature helps insureds save money when they incur large dental expenses at the end of the year. If some or all of their deductible is satisfied in the last three months of the year, that amount will be applied toward the deductible for the next year.

Additional enhancements include optional coverage for composite restorations on posterior teeth, calendar year coverage, and flexibility to move Simple Extractions to Class C. Additional options for takeover groups include offering credit for deductible satisfied with the prior carrier, and a new option of 80% coverage for Class A services has been added to the Indemnity and Passive PPO plans.

More information can be obtained by contacting a Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions Sales Representative at (800)782-7907.