Tuesday is Most Productive Day For Execs: Survey

July 20, 2001 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Tuesday is the most productive day of the week for top and mid-level executives, according to a new survey by Getzler & Co.

A third cited that day more than the 24% that cited Thursday, the 23% that responded Monday and the 15% that acknowledged Wednesday.

Just 4% of the 230 executives interviewed said Friday was the most productive day. Getzler & Co., which conducted the survey, is a privately held New York-based firm specializing in crisis management and corporate turnarounds.

Meetings of the Minds

However, according to Joel Getzler, president of Getzler & Co., although most people think of Monday as the most productive day, they overlook the fact that:

  • most companies have a Monday morning or afternoon meeting that could take several hours
  • often followed by memos
  • combined with the reality that a lot of paperwork odds and ends left over from the previous week has to be dealt with

With those “impediments” out of the way, Tuesday is a day that people can be off and running as soon as they get to the office.

Carry Overs, Throughs

Getzler suggests that Thursday is the second most productive day because most people want to get as much done as possible because they don’t want to leave too much for Friday, especially in the summer.

Monday ranks third due to carryovers from the previous week, while Wednesday is just a follow-through day.

Friday Well, most are focused on weekend plans and those status reports for the Monday meetings.