TUESDAY TRIVIA: Why Are There No Mosquitos at Disney World?

There’s been some buzz lately on the Internet about the lack of mosquitos at Disney World in Florida, a state with conditions ripe for insects.

Why are there no mosquitos at Disney World?

The park uses a Mosquito Surveillance Program—a combination of carbon dioxide traps, chickens and employees who analyze the bugs and chickens.

The traps exist all around the park, and once they catch the mosquitos, a team of employees freezes and analyzes them to determine the best way to get rid of them. In addition, chickens live in coops around the park. Employees monitor the chickens’ blood for mosquito-borne diseases—the animals don’t get sick from the diseases like humans do. If a mosquito-borne disease is detected, the employees on the team know the location at Disney World from where the chicken(s) picked up the disease and can take action to address mosquitos in that area.