UK Job Seekers Stretch the Truth

April 3, 2002 ( - Lies on job applications during the last quarter of 2001 jumped by 20% with 30-something men most likely to tell tall employment tales, a survey by a London employee-screening firm said.

The Risk Advisory Group (TRAG) said 54% of the resumes it screened in the last six months of 2001 had a discrepancy, according to a Reuters report.

TRAG said applicants lied most often when presenting details of the work history and their academic qualifications.

The problem is increasing as workers vie for a fewer number of open jobs during the economic downturn, TRAG said.

The report follows a similar US study released this week, which showed that nearly half the information supplied on employment applications differs from past employers – among other problems (see Job Applicants Fib on Resumes ).