UK Tribunal Sides with Man on Offensive Graffiti Complaint

September 15, 2006 ( - A UK tribunal backed the complaint of a former grocery store worker who claimed his employer refused to remove offensive graffiti on the bathroom walls.

According to the Times Online, Chris Martin complained to the management at his company Parkam Foods about a pornographic drawing in the bathroom in black marker with his name next to it, but his employers ignored the complaint.

Martin’s employers placed a warning notice in the toilets but it related to the presence of graffiti and not to homophobic behavior portrayed in the drawing, the paper reported. The company suspended Martin in November 2005 and he later resigned in protest.

The tribunal called the drawings “offensive and homophobic,” and said the company did not investigate the grievance with due diligence or sufficient seriousness, failing to comply with its own procedures, according to the news report.

Compensation for Martin will be decided later this year.